10 Best Baitcaster Combo and Buying Guide


Fishing is an art but you have to know to do it correctly. Using the best baitcaster combo helps to fill your ultimate fishing desires. My father always told me to emphasize on the worthy baidcaster.

Because it contributes as a solider against fishes. Thus, make sure you have a brilliant baitcaster combo to win the battle. Nevertheless, from this article, you will see top rated baitcaster combo comparison chart, descriptions, buying guides, and additional facts. Let's dive into it.

Top 10 Baitcaster Combos Comparison Chart


Reel Material

Rod Length

Ball Bearings

Latest Prices



6.6 feet


Pen Pursuit


7 feet




7 feet


PENN Battle


7 feet


 Daiwa DSK2a0

Aluminum, Carbon Fiber,

6 feet

Single ball bearing

Ugly Stik


6.6 feet

1 Ball Bearings



7 feet


Cadence BC5


7 feet


Tailored Tackle


7 feet


UglyStik Baitcast


7 feet


10 Best Baitcaster Combos Reviews

1. KastKing Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 6.6 feet
  • Power: Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy
  • Ball Bearings: 5+1

You catch fishes and the fishes ran away. This hides and seeks game with fishes make pleasant. Once you caught them, no bounds of happiness. To catch fishes a lightweight frame must assist you in successful fish catching. As fishes like the fighters, you have to call a battle with the most immeasurable weapon. This item can be a worthy choice.

Its frame comes from the carbon-infused feature. This feature allows to run it for an extended time. Included with 5+1 double-shielded stainless steel bearings. Perhaps, you know that bearings contribute to use the rod smoothly.

Plus, it proceeds in powerful carbon drags to ensure added durability along with performance. Often the users cannot hold the handle suitably as slipping out from the hand suddenly. This generates a nonsense attitude during fishing.

In this regard, you can use this model. It provides a pretty strong gripping facility. You would be able to grip the handle tightly. No chance of slipping out from the hand. You can be a winner to catch even a big fish using this stronger road and reels.

Further, the handle extends a comfortable feeling in hands. I have seen various handles do not come in a slip-resistant convenience. As a result, users cannot grip it as they need. Even, most handles produce with low standard material. These low quality make stains on hands palm. Therefore, you might choose this rod combo included super polymer handles. No matter whether the grip is wet. You can grip vigorously in dry and wet conditions.

Its all casting fishing poles and Crixus spinning develop in two constructions. This structure needs to carry appropriately at a distance or short location. Most of the time, fishing areas positioned in distant areas. It is simple since most of us live far from fishing lakes. As a result, a transferrable rod and reels let you covey anywhere with being hesitant. Moreover, able to store expediently.

It built-in unique PTS or powerful transition systems to make a feel of a one-piece performance rod in the Crixus. Kastking amazon pledge manufacturing high-class stainless steel guide body along with Zirconium Oxide rings. That is why, you must get smooth casts, long using capability in braided, fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing outlines.

Therefore, kastking casting and spinning rod is an excellent choice for expert fishing. You may choose for incredible performance within an affordable budget. The light to medium power configuration allows you to run in certain strengths. Enrich your fishing expertise with this best fishing rod and reel combo.

What we liked

  • High-quality material for durability
  • Comfortable handle gripping
  • Slipping resistant handle
  • Consistent smooth reel
  • best beginner baitcaster combo
  • Lightweight to carry suitably
  • Double shielded stainless steel bearing for excellent performance

What we didn’t like

  • No cons

2. Penn Pursuit II & III best spinning reel combo

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Medium Light
  • Ball Bearings: 4+1

Do you like to catch fishes in inshore parts? If you love it, this wonderful collection will blow your mind. Yes, not only in inshore, you might use it at boat and surf fishing. It featured in Pursuit 3 spinning reel. Moreover, included a graphite composite rod. Surely, this feature introduced it as a cheap baitcast combo.

Users must get a durable fish calming setup. The whole body is remarkably lightweight. A user can transport anywhere. The body comes in corrosion-resistant graphite capacity. You will use for a long period without getting damaged.

The powerful HT-100 drag system made it a wonderful weapon against fishes. Now come to bearing capacity. The involved bearing grants a smooth operation. You will not feel any uncomfortable during consuming it.

Non-Quality bearings cannot spin the reels correctly. But its built-in bearings will knock all of your anxieties. In fact, it gives a correct understanding of how many lines you have outside. A smooth dragging can be run through it. Yup, HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers let you smooth dragging under heavy roads. You would perceive satisfaction dragging while rolling up the lines.

No obstacle would arise during rolling lines. Numerous user claim when the roll-up lines, often the lines get twisted suddenly. It falls them in a hazard. Nevertheless, this model ensures that you will not face any issues like this. What are you thinking? Think if you need baitcaster combo for inshore or you are fond of fishing from boats. No alternative would be great than this.

What we liked

  • Easy using capacity
  • light baitcaster combo to carry anywhere
  • Best for saltwater
  • Well material used to build in
  • Durable and powerful to catch big fish

What we didn’t like

  • Setup procedures seem painful

3. PLUSINNO Rod and Reel Combos

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Medium Light
  • Ball Bearings: 12+1

This is another best baitcasting rod and reel combo from the top-rated category. There are full gears with a transporter bag that allows you to get complete fishing facilities. It involved a bait casting fishing rod, fishing line, several fishing lures, fishing hooks, fishing reels, and essential accessories. The carrier is a plus point to carry it anyplace.

These elements ensure you have all the necessary kits that usually need at the fishing time. Essentially, the PLUSINNO telescope fishing rod arrives with 24 carbon fiber reinforced. Secondly, Fiberglass is another feature that submitted it as the finest item. Both materials warrant more resistance and better control.

The Zirconium Oxide rings make a superb casting distance sense during dissipating heat. This deals with essential monofilament, braided, fluorocarbon lines, and stability. Included Exquisite reel seat constructed with Corrosion protective CNC machined aluminum to give the advantage of a solid base. During you grip any low-quality handle, you feel pain. Even your hand's palm gets stained. To get relief from this problem, you could choose it.

I am saying this since it has super polymer handles. You never feel pain while holding the included handle. Possibly you know super polymer handles especially for better gripping. However, the handle never slips out from hands though in dry and wet conditions. You should confirm the handle you are using that is slip-resistant.

Therefore, PLUSINNO can be another worthy selection to fall in love with fishing all over again. Besides, the maximum controlling facility gives satisfaction. In fact at the lines rolling up time, controlling is most important.  You will get faultless control through this model.

Amazingly, fishing reel arrives with CNC machine cut. The handle is collapsible. This feature let a user move conveniently. Are to thinking to purchase this best cheap baitcaster combo? Let me know, please! Consequently, you can choose it to give your father, friend, son, and anyone. Certainly, they will love it very much for having outstanding features with activities.

What we liked

  • Corrosion resistant Reel seat
  • Super comfortable handle
  • High active bearings
  • best baitcaster combo under 100
  • Super casting distance and accuracy
  • Numerous involved kits
  • Carry bag

What we didn’t like

  • No cons

4. PENN Battle spinning Fishing baitcasting combos

  • Reel Material: Metal
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy
  • Ball Bearings: N/A

I do not know whether you have a high budget for buying a spinning fishing rod and reel combo. But if you have the budget, I recommended to buy this good baitcaster combo. Yes, you will get superb advantages through it.

Specially manufactured for successful large seawater game fish. Its full metal body can be run for a significant period. No need to think about finishing. Because the finishing rod is ultra-responsive. Penn Battle reel combo deal with a saltwater battle. A sea lover can perceive proper enjoyment of visiting sea with this rods combo.

Every part made with durable materials. Users can use for year and year. 5 sealed stainless steel bearings provide a smooth operation. The bearing is enough stronger. At the middle time of using, you never face any bearings related issues. This feedback gathered from actual users that have already practiced.

The drag system leverage of Reel’s particularly completed in HT-100 Versa drag carbon fiber. It works both from side to give supreme dragging ability. The drag washers seem like branded grease. It helps to run the equipment for long-lasting.

Anti-reverse bearings have pulled back eradication skills that let to reel except disruption. Further, usable in Berkley, Spiderwire super lines. These facilities are not available in all types. In total, you will get a professional user experience through this model. Long-lasting facility, smooth using, super responsiveness all are introduced it as a most demanding product.

What we liked

  • Anti-reverse bearings
  • Saltwater baitcaster combo
  • Powerful dragging system
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail
  • Smooth using
  • Long-lasting

What we didn’t like

  • The price is slightly high

5. Daiwa DSK20-B/F602ML Freshwater Spinning Combo

  • Reel Material: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
  • Rod Length: 6 feet
  • Power: Light, Medium
  • Ball Bearings: N/A

Are you suffering from low budget? Not only you, but there are also numerous people suffered from the budget. Even they expect high rod and reel within a short amount. For those people, this item is a decent choice.

An included single bearing reel sufficiently stronger to perform very well. The rod is a nice performer. You might control where required. Occasionally, a low standard rod cannot be run suitably. It behaves like a kid. That means when you move it, it does not work instantly. But it rod is fabulous sturdier to work on your control. Even once caught a fish, you can roll up promptly. The reels keep in a balancing.

At last, I can suggest you this cheap baitcaster combos model. Or else this can a great option for your child or for anyone who is little. Especially, the newbie starts fishing through it. Easy operation, convenient, durable all would offer lovely fishing.

What we liked

  • Easy operating
  • Tough in extreme usage
  • Affordable
  • Dependable casting

What we didn’t like

  • Not for expert fishing

6. Ugly Stik GX2 best rod and reel combo

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 6.6 feet
  • Power: Light, Medium
  • Ball Bearings: 1 ball bearing

Ugly stik spin rod is an unusual item for the next generation comes in numerous benefits. Though it is ugly stik but not ugly to perform well. It gives a vital balance for a light feel. All components are smoother and well-structured to help you better handling.

No backdated looks at all. It has a modern outlook that engages a user. The medium casting rod makes actual casting. You will reach your targeted casting each time. For being lightweight, you will be able to carry everywhere. The bearing runs very smoothly. At rolling up time, there will not create an obstacle. Just can roll as the speed you want.

Is it really need for you? For this question, you have to fix your requirements. Requirements means do you use it for heavy fishing? Then it is a faultless model. For fishing small fishes, you decrease the buying amount. Of course, it entirely depends on your requirements.

What we liked

  • Very tough
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Great outlook
  • High-class durable materials

What we didn’t like 

  • Reel seat wears rapidly
  • Advised to higher knowledgeable users to get actual conveniences

7. LEW'S FISHING Speed Spool SLP Combo

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy
  • Ball Bearings: 9+1

It is another super low profile (SLP) baitcast on this record. The Graphite frame and side plates work robustly. It configured with a 10 bearing system that indicates a superb operating benefit. Similarly, double shielded stainless steel ball bearings authorize for extreme operation.

You could adjust between the two cast control systems. Also, using both exterior click dial to set the magnetic brakes. Besides, it contains 4 unlock disks placed inside brake shoes. This supports to run it on centrifugal force. The reels built with the double-anodized aluminum spool. It gets fit with an audible click. This click helps you recognize whether it is working or not. On the other hand, a rugged carbon fiber drag mechanism gives a maximum of 20lbs of drag power.

The reels discharge side plat lock lever very fast. Its rod is superb working that works as the user demand. There is no chance of breaking since built with high-quality material. Used American tackle airwave guide and Nanotechnology. This certification proves the excellence of the product.

Secondly, the best baitcasting rod has innovative polymer Dri-Tac spilled grips and soft-touch graffiti skeletal reel seats. Not these, it has more and more tiny features that you can relish. This is why you have to invest a high amount to purchase it. 

What we liked

  • Zero reverse
  • Multi setting brakes system
  • Manufactured with the materials
  • Most durable
  • Double shielded stainless steel

What we didn’t like

  • No cons

8. Cadence BC5 Baitcasting Combo

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy
  • Ball Bearings: 7+1

Wow! I'm genuinely pleased to write about this product. Do you know why? Because I have owned this item and using till now. Anyway, while I bought it first. From that day, it is giving me an exceptional performance. I never expect to catch a lot of fishes by the fishing weapon.

I call fishing weapon since it helps me essentially a weapon to catch fishes. However, its black frame proffers you a standard appearance. I think the black frame get matches different conditions. Besides, the frame is a graphite frame that let you use it for an extended period.

It also includes side plates, a powerful carbon fiber drag system, hard brass, aluminum crankshaft, etc. All built-in gears make a wonderful performance individually. Likewise, you will forget when you bought it last. I can say this as I am practicing fishing with the fishing combo for a long period.

Another notable feature is that external adjustable magnetic brakes. This works in a dual system. Use both external click dial to set up the magnetic brakes. You will perceive a smooth performance during operating time. Rods come in very lightweight feature with 20-ton Graphite blanks. You no need to worry about stainless steel guides. Since it is corrosion resistant you must discover a smooth action.

Which length do you prefer? Possibly, you would the desired length. BC6 manufactures several lengths as the customers demand, unlike dimensions. By the way, it is a perfect edition of fishing rod industry. Use into saltwater or freshwater, it doesn't matter since you have a delightful gear. So start trout fishing, kayak fishing, surf fishing, bass fishing. 1-year warranty relief you from damage intentions.

What we liked

  • 7 Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Adjustable braking system
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Cork handle
  • Excellent rod power
  • Stainless steel guides – corrosion resistant
  • Available in left and right-handed models

What we didn’t like

  • Standard Line Cap

9. Tailored Tackle best bass rod and reel

durable-bait caster
  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Ball Bearings: 6+1

Tailored tackle bass good for expert and good baitcaster for beginner manufactured in right-hand capability. This provides high performance with right hand. This bait caster both reels and rod intended by fishing guides. It offers new anglers within a reasonable casting rod.

Besides, you get a structure of easy casting benefits and unravel pop-off to expose and repair ugly knots in a twinkle of eyes.  Its average weighty rod delivers you the support to twig it. Stronger bearings deduct for a smooth operating.

The gear ration is so fast to roll up lines quickly.  If you are a beginner or want to give a new person who has no fishing experience with a rod, then you may give it to them. A beginner should practice such a great fishing rod combo. It catches tiny too big size salmon fishes, catfishes, and other fishes. The hooks injected securely so that fishes cannot escape anywise. The manufacture’s fishing pole especially made from catching Largemouth bass. It comes in all sizes throughout the country. So, it is time to enhance your fishing experience.

What we liked

  • Designed for a fishing guide
  • Strongest rod power
  • Excellent casting skills
  • Additional line competency
  • Have an instruction booklet
  • Matches to a maximum fishing mode

What we didn’t like

  • Usable for bass fishing

10. UglyStik Baitcast Combo

  • Reel Material: Graphite
  • Rod Length: 7 feet
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Ball Bearings: 2+1

At last, this combo gears deliver extraordinary rewards at a low price. Its powerful reels let you relish the actual charm of fishing. No hazard will arise when using it. The rod is enough stronger. Consequently no risk of breaking issues.

Moreover, it made with Graphite and composite of fiberglass that made it as powerful gear. In addition, for being lightweight you able to cover anywhere. No focus 0on the grip. Its grip delivers a faultless gripping. No slipping out chances even in dry and wet conditions. The rod included "Ugly tuff" consistent and tough guides. Its ugly stick clear tip design introduced as powerful and much definite. Though the configured in 2+1 bearing but fit to show better performance.

You get an anti-reverse and one-way clutch. This feature checks bird nesting and reaction. Likewise, it included an adjustable braking system and drag. Consequently, it suite your favor. Finally, I can tell that this item is from the top sections. Choose your preferred one for improved familiarity.  

What we liked 

  • Reasonable price
  • Stronger rod
  • Used durable materials to manufacture
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight for easy carrying

What we didn’t like

  • No cons

What to consider before buying baitcaster combos?

You cannot buy a bait caster combo until you are not what should you look for in it. Yes, there are several considerable factors you should focus on before purchasing. In this section, you will learn some most important factors that lead you to get the best baitcaster.

Think of the fish type and environment 

I have seen many people do not emphasize on fishes type and environment, do you think so? If you think same, you are wrong. You know various kinds of fish’s lives in the water. But all of them get attracted by fishing reels.


However, you might wish to catch some catfish, someone prefers catching salmon or other types. Different types of baitcaster combo have different catching capacity.  You cannot choose an average type to catch all kinds of fishes. It is better to confirm which fish you would catch. Usually, spring reels apposite for light rig casting. It covers a long distance too. No matter if the weather is windy. In fact, spinning reels clever to catch large fishes or over 10 pounds.

Secondly, focus on the environment. You should have the best baitcasting combo bait casting for lake. Unlike for saltwater. Subsequently, check first whether the bait caster gets matches to your water.

The size

Sizes of a baitcaster very important to fish. You ought to focus on sizes. Numerous types of baitcasting come such as small, medium, and large. The lighter size comes in less weight, easy to handle, convenient to carry. When you desire a heavy bait casting. Large size is appropriate for you. It covers large fishing lines and warrants accurate casting. I saw numerous anglers regret later buying a wrong size. They expect more yard casting but choose an unreliable one. Therefore, you want to be wary of this point.

Braking system

Braking set the spool rotations capability during casting time.  It let the spool to rotate easily. Recollect, the braking method seems fewer important in thumbing spools the cast exactly,


Price is the first consideration to purchase a baitcaster combo. First of all, you have to know your budget. Because there are huge models and items, in marketplaces. They come at different prices depending on qualities, features, and activities.

After confirming the budget, go to the next step of research to achieve the best one. Ball bearings, rod length, constructing materials, drag system such many factors increase and decrease a bait caster's prices. Indeed, low priced casters are not well skilled. If you find a most elegant item though you require your budget a little bit. Try to pick that. We should not leave a praiseworthy product just for a short amount.

Drag system

The drag system plays a particularly important role in a baitcaster. It acts by a star shaped spinner located inside the handle. The spinner wrappings washers inside the reel. It also works to expand and reduce the pressure of the reel. Drag mechanism permits to fish above the test lien's weight. Also, would get a fast and solid hook that assists to tow fishes.

Frame material

At present, most of the baitcaster combos manufacturing with Graphite. It executes it high pricey. However, maximum saltwater caster produces with graphite. Sincerely, this element guards them against rusting. Equally, you will find various freshwater bait casters. Manufacture do that to supply them to marketplaces at lower prices.

Further producing for freshwater ensures better strength and sturdy. Some manufactures produce frames with aluminum. This material is very stable to run long. Nonetheless, the problem it works less for lifting overweight.

Look gear ratio and line ability

Gear ratio indicates the turning quantity of reel through one peculiar handle. Mostly, 6.4”1 reel turns 6.4 times. This is another consideration you should not skip. 12/120 line capacity specifies 120 yards of 12-pound test fit against the reel. Not sure you would get more lines. It happens since the production’s quotient is for the mono test and not continuously spot.

Ball bearings

Ball bearings support in reel operating efficiently. Fundamentally reel with more than 10 bearings specifies most bearings located in the handle. Both additional and less bearing contribute to run the bait caster well or less well. Secondly, focus on the shield of the bearing. The shields act as a shell of a tortoise. It means bearings keep in safe from being dust, greasy. Nowadays, the bearings produce in 2 types. One in stainless, another one ceramic. Both have slightly more and little distance to work. Ceramics bearings are tougher but costly.

Left or right-handed

From the last few years, left-handed bait casting has been popular gradually. But it falls upon you. Be sure which hand do you like to cast.

Essentially, right-handed anglers for casting using the right hand and left hand for casting left hand. While casting by right hand, need to switch the rod with left hand. This opposite mode is applicable for left handed baitcast combo.

Rod materials

Rod materials impact on your fishing activity very much. It specifies how long it will go and works roughly. Largely, Rods manufactured with fiberglass, composite, and graphite. Most of the rods constructed with fiberglass now though it converts rods heavy. Next, graphite rods have less Weight than fiberglass. It shows instant actions. You may grasp fish biting since graphite rods are very sensitive to provide signals of inside water.

Rod length

You find most rod’s length remains between 6 to 7 feet. Not only it, often the lengths can be12 feet. A rod is a very important part of baitcasters. It helps to lift over and tow fishes. Also, it supports inaccurate casting and accuracy. More rods contain more leverage capacity though it becomes heavy. Remember, what type of rods you require. A short rod is enough for fishing at a small lake or line. For large water areas or lines, long rod assists to cover the spaces.

Look for additional features in rods

Except for the mentioned features, look some additional features that ordinarily remain on a standard rod. Like some rods have, ergonomic no-slip handle, super polymer, and specialized tips. Also search flexible materials such as plastic tips, solid carbon and hollow carbon to get rid of breaking subjects and confirms stability.

You ought to also look for rod length and line guide. The length retains the line in a precise position. Check handle flexibility, non-slip, finally comfortable to grip. Check the weight of the entire product. It helps to understand whether it is portable or not.

Why I need the Baitcaster Rod & Reel Combo?

Possibly you want to achieve an improved experience of fishing. A baitcaster can fill your requirements. Do you know how? It is the best choice to cast lengthier with more correctness. You can fish a weightier test line. However, let’s know in details –

Better line control: Certainly a baitcaster has improved line controlling skills. You could control your lines significantly through it than a typical model. As a result, to fish like an expert, most users are tending to use it.

High drag bait: It covers high reeling control for high drag lures for example crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

Allow slow down lure: Throwing lure into the water influence fishing. Often, a typical lure throwing aware of the nearby fishes to escape. Because it generates a sound. From this point, bait caster lets slow down lure. It falls into the water very silently so that the surrounding fishes cannot escape.

Allows to contact with lure: You will realize the trap location. Plus, you can identify attacks by fishes.

Comparison between baitcaster and Spinning reel

I know you love fishing. That is why you have come to read this article. Perhaps, you like to compare things that you buy. Anyway, a reel has several factors to choose or avoid. Generally, reels appear in 2 types-

  • Spinning reel and
  • Baitcasting reel

A user cannot purchase an exact reel until he/she settled his/her plan. In this section, I will compare the 2 types to discover their individual working capacity in numerous fishing zones.

Compare from fish types

First of all, spinning reels cannot catch large fishes. From this angel, a baitcaster talented to catch large fishes. If you wish to catch large fish then jump into bait caster. Or want to fish small sizes spinning reel is a canny choice. But nowadays, users are liking bait cast for having extra advantages. They choose their model according to your fishing strategy. Otherwise, choose after planning their targeting fish’s sizes.

Compare from lures

Next, come to the lines which you want to use. If a line becomes around 10 pounds than spinning reel is correct. It delivers versatility and removes breaking. On the other hand, bait caster looks accurate for heavy lines. Provide a high controlling ability too.

Compare from beginner 

A newbie might choose a spinning reel. It relieves them from spending more time with setting gear. The spinning structure supports a newbie to start fishing from a basic level. Easy operating gives a new learner learning aptly. Or if someone does not care about time expending, they might go to baitcasting. Of course, most anglers choosing baitcasting since they get more benefits from this model.

Compare from accuracy

Unfortunately, spinning reel unable to offer level control properly. It pays low attention to the accuracy, so getting actual accuracy tough through it. For that, bait caster is a worthy choice for better accuracy. It ensures high-level casting. The user can reaches at targeting point at every time through it. To avoid wrong casting, bait caster is waiting to eradicate the concern.

Compare from maintaining

If you wish fewer maintenance facilities, spinning model is great. They involve low mechanism. A user can easily take care of it. There needs lees maintenance in reels. Users can detach maximum parts to clean well. The user can separate every part of greasing and oiling. After doing that, he/she able to re-assemble all parts. Oppositely, baitcasting model requires added maintenance since having composite constructions. It wants extra time to do piling and greasing. This processing is not hard, just need time a bit more.

Compare from price

In one word, spinning reels have fewer features than baitcasting. That is why they are cheaper. You will not get sturdy reels above all durability for the whole gear. The expert recommends purchasing baitcast or cheap baitcasting rod but not only spinning organism. Nevertheless, those have a low budget, they can try spinning type.

It also works well if you acquire sufficient fishing tactics. Or wait till you make enough budget to buy bait cast. Undoubtedly, you must love this model for remaining additional exceptional features.

Compare from durability

Positively, baitcaster goes for a long run than spinning reels. You would use bait cast for longer than a couple of years. This model constructed in several complex parts. All equipment is durable that can provide service for and lengthy time. For having noteworthy durability, its price is higher than spinning structure.

You ought to do proper maintenance to keep it active. Else, chances of damaging. Spinning reels unable to do work like basitcast, less sturdy than the baitcasting. There are additional factors to compare between them. These mentioned factors consider largely.

How to Cast a Baitcasting Reel

You can practice baitcasting in your free time before diving into real fishing. It does not matter that only you have to practice continuously outside. You might continue staying at home. Experts think initial practicing at home increase your confidence. Thus, let’s jump.

Step 1: Locate your Braking System

Your bait flying controlled by the braking system. While you fly bait, the braking controls the spool for a charming flying. Try to look braking system to detach its side plate placed opposite side of the reel handle.

If you do not so, chance the spool rotates fast than dissolving line. After that, create a backlash line and at the end moment it stops throughout the braking system rotate slowly.

Step 2: Choose the Fish site

Now, chose a place where you want to cast. Try to cat from staying far from water. First of all, this would not be good to practice in water. You can use other elements like rubber or any metal things except hook.

Avoid practice at small are. Feel uncomfortable for the tiny spaces. After, try with a hook. Make sure there is no bush side lest your hook caught by bushes. Similarly, choose a place of fewer people. While doing practice with a couple of anglers, chances lures will be squeezed all together. The stranger feel disturbed for your lure.

Step 3: Connect your Braking System

Adjust your brake by pushing the inner levers near or undo them. It supports the braking lever to go out of center. Chance of creating backlash for losing the brakes.

Step 4: Adjust Tension Knobs

Tension knob and reel handle found on the same side. The spool gets help from tension knob to increase tension. The knob performs at the cast ending point in fetching the spool. Remember, tension knob adjusting should be on how much weight your biatcaster carried. Once, spinning knob left to right fastens tension knob.

Step 5. Test Your Tension

After doing this, time for testing tension. Bitcasting system let you detaching spool from the handle. It permits for longer casting. However, press the button situated behind the spool.  Press using the thumb.

Now for testing the tension check if your reel has a button behind the spool then press it with your thumb and then rest it on the reel spool. Start adjusting the tension knob so your bait falls gently and don’t make any backlash.

Step 6: Grip Your Baitcaster

Bend your casting arm at the elbow clutching bait caster. Make sure your hands enfolded round reels and rod handle. It confirms your thumb is on the spool release button and spool. It permits to detach spool.

Step 7: Release Your Line

Adequate line releasing make a perfect casting. Try to keep lines between 710-10-14 inches. This is standard length to cast at a minimum distance. Measure the lines from the rod tip to the bait. As baitcasting and spinning both are same structured. You could use hand to grip the rod last the reel. It allows changing hands during casting.

Step 8: Release Your Spool and Cast

Now, to release the spool you want to press the spool release button. Do pressing again to avoid line from running. Without doing this, you cannot escape bait hitting into the water. You would face a bird's nest that expends time to unbend the lines to rescue the lure.

For security, try to use massive brake to generate a smaller cast. You might get relief from difficult casting. After all, attempt to explore some new tactics to make you happy. It is true that every angler could have a different trick of casting, you should have too for making fishing calmer.

The maintenance process of a baitcaster

Do you love fishing with baitcaster? Then you need to focus on its maintenance. Proper caring provides you a long time using facilities. I do not know whether you know about retaining baitcaster. If you do not know, this section must help you.

In fact, unlike brands has different maintenance systems like reel of abu garcia baitcaster combo has unlike way than the reel of shimano baitcaster combo. Almost, maximum reel maintenance process near to same. You can use 3 elements to take right care. Let's know win details,


Grease plays a significant role to keep the reels active. It has an oily feeling that able to clean mechanical gears. This element can loosen any inactive parts from assembling which was active before. You need to separate detachable parts.


Then rub grease at each part. Make sure greases reached around each part. Try to do this at least 1 time in a month. This process protects reels from internal rust. In order that making your reel smooth.


Oil is another element used to maintain reels. You have to be sure that the oil you want to consume is applicable. You will find your suggested oil in the given instruction. Of course, some manufactures supply oil for each product.


Anyway, never try thick oil machine oil, WD-40oil, olive oil. If you do not have any of these, try coconut oil. Coconut oil has less thickness that has been using for maintaining metal gears. Myself, I use this oil and found positive effeteness.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol wants to use with warm water. Using rubbing alcohol directly makes a too adhesive condition. Need a rag or spray bottle. Can use hand without spray bottle. Rub the solution by hand. Next, wipe with a rag. Further, you can try brush to wipe, a towel to clean exist dirt inside the reel. But both alcohol and oil require to clean. Now, look at the cleaning process in detail.

Disassembling: Firstly, detach all removal parts carefully. Be careful about breaking issues. Use a screwdriver to put off the screw of the spool and side plate. It must as you want to oil every part.

Wipe with clothNow take 2 pieces of rags, one for cleaning the internal dirt, second on for wiping with alcohol. Soak a soft rag into rubbing alcohol and wipe the whole reel around. Or can use a spray bottle instead of a rag. I thing rag wiping let you realize you are doing right. Sometimes spraying needs to reach alcohol where out finger cannot reach.

Do oiling: Rub oil or grease in a small quantity at every part like a spool, brake, tension knob lines etc. After rubbing, keep then in an exposed space for an hour. Then assemble the parts, Attempt to do this minimum once in a month.

My first experience with a best cheap baitcaster combo

From my childhood, I was fond of fishing. Indeed, I got inspiration from my grandfather. I saw he passed his free time in fishing. But then he didn't use any modern fishing equipment. I asked him how to catch fish, what they eat etc. I think from the days, my interest in fishing started to enlarge. The first see sowed in my mind from childhood.

However, after his death, I wanted to adopt his passion. I asked my father to buy a fishing rod. But my parents were scared of me. They thought I would fall into the water and dive away. I never care regarding this thinking as I was so determined about catching fish.

Anyway, when I was 14 years, my parents agreed to give me a fishing rod. They gave me on my birthday. I never expected to get such a likable gift from them. Why would I expect? A person with something different for his/her birthday, I wished so but got a rod for catch fish, I was very happy though friends surprised to see this gift.

Next, my father took to a distant lake. You may call a pond as it was not so big like a pond. But people called lake, give up that. Then my dad taught me how to use baitcasting. He was an expert since he often used his colleague's baitcast at free time I tried to learn attentively. When my dad gave me to use for the first time, I made a mistake. I had made a bird nest with the lines. It took a long time to straighten the lines. I never gave up hope.

At next holiday, both we went to the lake. Now, I was confident to do the best. I tried frequently, though I couldn't cast accurately for the first time. After a few attempts, I became successful.

The fish I caught that was a catfish. Though it was a catfish rod and reel combo. I do not like catfish to eat. Yet I welcomed it warmly. Day by day, I continued and finally know how to operate a baidcast and bring fish from water.

Tips for baitcasting

There is no doubt that fishing with a baitcaster is very charming. You want to learn and practice proper casting. Here, you will see some essential tips that can boost casting skills.

Do not fill the spool

During filling spool, be careful not to fill spool fully. While lines get out from inside. It can be twisted as you filled lines to the edge. Keep filling after keeping a bit gap from the edge.

Choose lure according to the rod

It is important to match lure with the rod. Suppose, when you have a light lure, it will to short distance during casting. While you can tow back lines through a normal or low powered rod, you cannot do it conveniently. When using a heavy rod then can tow a heavy lure connected with lines.

Be careful about costing motion

Every year, a remarkable number of angler faces different injuries happens when casting. This is why expert suggests not to rushing. Try casting later standing on flat ground and throw lure simply keeping the body in a balance. Once your bod tented to the front site you would fall facing figure to the round. Be careful with any accidental issues.

Line up guide

Perhaps, you saw line guides are narrow from the opening side. It creates friction when it is over to one side. Make sure guides are in middle positions. Keep more lines for heavier lure: If your rod lure becomes heavier, let out more lines to throw to a distant point. When lure I slighter but has more lines outside, it will be painful to fill again.

Thumb hard fast

Surely, you can ensure more distance with your thumb. Yes, simply require a hard thumb press. After that, you can reduce brake and tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a baitcaster?

A baitcaster is a part of the fishing rod. It has a revolving spool locates under the fishing rod. It comprises a trigger handle. Opposite from spinning reel. The spinning reel sits over and baitcast located under rods.

What Types Of Fish Can I Catch With A Baitcaster?

Well, most of the newbies throw this question online. Mainly, it relies on a bait caster. Most experts love baitycaster as they catch walleye and trout through it. It is apt to catch catfishes, salmon, or others fishes. But you want to confirm you have strong gears like best baitcasting reel, strength rods, etc.

Do I need maintenance for a baitcaster?

Of course, to keep it active, you have to pay attention to its care. A regular cleaning offers a smooth operating. Plus, rub grease or oil to every part. This process has shown above.

What is the best baitcaster combo?

The baitcaster has powerful bearings, brakes system, well drag system, high material used rod, these are the best.

What can I do to avoid backlash? 

You may get relief from backlash by knowing the proper usage of the brake system, spool tension, and magnet drag system. Try to do practice backlash regularly to escape from it.

Which type should I use?

Try to use medium and large types. The small sizes are unable to give actual charming of fishing. As a beginner, you may try a small size but when confident for better fishing then switch to medium or large sizes.

Are baitcasting reels hard to use?

Not at all, though it has a complex structure very easy to use. Even a newbie can use after watching the operating process carefully.

Why are baitcasting reels right handed? 

Maximum reels have right handed operating system. Manufacturers do not emphasize in produce left hand baitcast combo as their market has les demand of left hand type.

The right hand can make a comprehensive casting. After casting, the reel switch to the left hand. The right hand can control the reel and rod correctly.

Final words

Fishing with a baitcaster is a tending passion of the anglers. To be an expert, you want to ensure that you have the correct bait caster. Here I am again saying, you should purchase later confirming what type you exactly need.

A newbie can start with a low priced item. After, he/she can switch to heavier gear. I hope this baitcaster combo reviews helped you to select the most suitable bait caster. Yet, if you have any queries about the mentioned baitcaster combo, do not delay to ask us. We must love to hear from you.

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