10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews


Basketball players with wide feet fall into a problem at the time of purchasing wide size basketball shoes for having wide feet. Finding out the best basketball shoes for wide feet is a big contract. Do you know why? Basically, huge feet does not mean only the feed is large, it also indicates flat and wide feet. A pair of basketball shoe is a basement of running, walking, and standing. It must be fittest and sturdier. Otherwise, it is tough to make good scores as you cannot move right for the wrong shoe.

However, we picked 5 width feet basketball shoes that are top rated shoes for wide basketball player feet. Even you will see a complete buying guide, frequently asked questions, and various information on this subject.

Best basketball shoes for Wide flat feet






Under Amour

Air wide Jordan


Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

1. Crazy explosive Performance - Adidas basketball shoes


Your basketball playing influence remarkably by your worn shoe. You have to run and the shoes tolerate almost rough pressure of the heel and ankles. For this, a playing shoe must be stronger and well fitted too.

Addis crazy such a product arrived to enhance your playing experience. Though someone ask does adidas make wide shoes? The answer is yes. Likewise, this model comes specifically for wide flat feet that also go in the long run. The Manufacture named it for having-


The best gripping allows you for the best traction. You can move firmly and stop on the ground for having better gripping. Many players fall down having low standard grips. Oppositely, which shoe contains a better grip, users get the peak moving and stopping advantages. Yet Adidas wide shoes specifically emphasis the worth gripping. It supports you on –

Instant stop

In basketball court, a player wants to stop suddenly despite running fast. It is a playing purpose that you cannot ignore for making a good score. This product's let you stop promptly since including rubber sole. Doesn’t matter how fast you are running. You never fell any jerking during stopping.

Changing direction

Changing provided directions impact on worthy playing. By this shoe, you can change your current direction at the needed time. In fact, it allows converse changing like the right to left and left to right sides. In one word, you can modify directions with a supportive moving via this shoe.

Instant moving

A player doesn't know when he/she have to move. Actually, there is no hard and fast rule of moving to a basketball court. This shoe model supports your sudden movement except thinking twice. You can take your next movement at any time.

Comfortable sole

A sole not only influence basketball playing from inside, it also a matter of providing support outside. It gives a player the greatest gripping feeling so that he feels comfortable even at a fast running period.

Slight traction

Are you sure whether you won't need to traction frequently? Not sure the court is out of dust. In this dusty court traction impact greatly to occur slowly and danger traction. You might take traction very slightly on a dirty court by using Adidas crazy. It assists you with slight gripping deprived of calling a danger.


A player must be restless until he will get a correct cushioning. It relieves feet from getting pain. You cannot recognize a shoe best until it comes to an improved cushion facility. There has variation of good basketball shoes for wide feet that look very attractive but lack of cushion texture. In this regard, Adidas explosive committed to offering you the following-

Relaxed cushioning

When you fall pressure of the whole body on your worn shoe, the cushion support feet by spring. No injurious chances even give a balancing feet pressure. Its outside shapes are just superb. Stylish and attractive to someone's attraction.

Toe and heel transition

It guards the transition between heel and toe. You know wide feet get hurt due to wearing the same shoe for a couple of years. Nevertheless, this can reduce the risk of the switch of heels along with toe. Thus, no pain arises on flatter border and large finger during playing. 

Durable manufacturing

Adidas is the most famous brand in the shoe industry. Surely, you will use their product for a long time. They manufacture with such a mechanism that is usually not available in a normal branded shoe.

Sizes & weight

It comes in the same sizes that show in each specification. You have to confirm your sizes. As you ordered that would get. Its textile upper and lightweight synthetic material ensures significant durability.

Things players liked

  • Includes best lift quality cushioning
  • Rubber sole warrants instant traction
  • Really awesome shoes
  • Fit for wide feet
  • Comes in a great style
  • Outstanding performance
  • Prompt stopping while full running
  • High-class materials
  • Actual sizes and lightweight
  • More durability than local shoes

Things player disliked

  • Comes thin dusty basketball court

2. Adidas Harden Vol.1 Men Basketball shoes


The players can show an extraordinary performance if he can move exactly when he wants it. Yes, proper movement let you continue playing in satisfaction. To do it, there is no option without choosing a perfect model. However, Adidas harden is one of the famous models amongst the players. Obviously, you will find several features that lead you to better scores. It involves features-


The intention of the traction effect on playing. You never can expect a satisfying playing unless your shoe consists of better traction capability. At this point, this model included a fabulous grip. You know a grip contributes to how steadily you stop or not. Its traction capacity let you do-

Sudden stopping

Can you ensure you won't require sudden stopping? In fact, a basketball player cannot ignore the importance of stopping. He has to run along with stopping at an instance. If you belong to a poor shoe, you should not expect something better. Anyway, this shoe capable to offer you an instant stopping devoid of jerking.

Direction changes

How could you want to change directions? Left to right and right to left? No worry you are capable to change directions. Your body will not be imbalanced since its quick response as soon as you modify directions.

Immediate moving

Moving immediately allows you to focus on the ball. A player doesn't stand until he stays on the court. He has to move frequently. To do such a movement, this model is talented to permit you whatever you want. No need to pre-thinking about the next drive. Simply move, its grip will respond too.

Stronger rubber sole

Though the rubber sole remains under shoes. But it plays a very important role to act as you required. Soles give a player a relaxed consuming. While he runs, it tries to balance with the pressure of feet. Consequently, no chance of feeling discomfort during getting off your feet.

Minor traction

It grips suitable for dusty court. A dusty condition makes a court slippery. The player falls down in sudden stopping time. If you face something like this situation, no worry because you can take traction slightly.


Well-structured cushioning contribute to ease playing. The feet retain safety if a shoe comes in the superb cushioning scheme. Though many manufactures emphasize an attractive outlook even players get engaged in the design. But next suffer from low quality. Honestly, you are far from this concern if you belong to such a shoe. It gives you the following-

Heel and toe moving

Tough the heel and toe remains inside of the shoe. But often become painful as you don't take off your shoe until the game is over. That is why this Adidas for wide feet model convenient to move fingers even heel. It saves you from injuring of fingers.

Soft pressuring

If you fall your entire body's weight on the shoe, the cushion will behave like a spring. These features make a balance between the figure and the shoe. So you can go to your next step. Remember, a low standard cushion never act like springs that delay your later step.

Strong durability

Yes, Adidas retain their fame by manufacturing world-class shoes for basketball and different purpose. Similarly, this shoe certifies its superiority. Its outer and inner parts perform vigorously. For that, you will use it till you forgot when you have purchased it.

Sizes, weight & color

It arrived in actual sizes. As this is fittest for wide feet, it has such a capacity to grasp large feet. Its lightweight won't remind you that you are wearing a shoe. That means you may run without feeling heavy.

On another word, this model has 3 colors white, white-gray combination, and finally red-white combination. Pick your favorite color. Red white mixing can be a canny choice as it seems less dirt as the full white appears.

Things players liked

  • More steady and reinforced shoe
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Flexible shoes for basketball
  • Instant stopping facility
  • Well gripping structures
  • World-class materials
  • Outdoor basketball shoes mainly for wide feet
  • Rough practices benefits
  • More durable than the local brands
  • Flexible but stronger rubber sole

Things players disliked

  • No cons yet

3. Under Amour Men's Lockdown basketball shoes wide feet


This is the best shoes for basketball players can be a great choice for exploring new experiences. If you have a tight budget then you can jump onto this item. Under armors provides a great elasticity to the feet. Players get a superb luxury from it. You should know the factors of this item. Let's see the following-


Its traction ability to change your previous satisfaction. Yes, it involved a strong gripping that assists you in talking actual traction. Even while you want immediate traction, you can do. Truly frequently many players fail to do traction precisely. In fact, their body jerks. It protests them to do well something. Nevertheless, you will get traction facilities for having-

Strong gripping

A shoe never gets its perfection unless it manufactured in an admirable gripping. It will offer you fast stopping. It never shakes your figure while you stopped unexpectedly. You might need stopping in the middle of playing, simply use this shoe to get improved stopping.

Rubber sole

Its built-in rubber sole ensures better moving with going long last. A rubber sole remains under a shoe. We pay less attention to it though this is more vital to look over it. Conversely, its rubber sole strong enough to take pressures of all types grounds. You may run even at coarse paths easily while you are not in play. Possibly you can see in the image that it has a molded synthetic upper. This feature offers a responsive fitting and fast look.

Leather combination

Leather takes away a shoe for an extended period. Its half part of the body made with leather and it is solid that ensures durability. Secondly, you realize breathability. For being lightweight you might feel free feelings. No heaviness feeling during wearing.

Underfoot cushioning

This is another great feature to let you feel easy. Cushioning takes hard pressure but does not return effect. It means when you pressurized on the shoe, it would tolerate by giving a spring feeling. So both of your feet and shoe make stability between them to keep your feet safe.

Sudden moving

You might require sudden movement from right to left and left to right. A good shoe assists to do that. Likewise, you can get this moving facility from this product. It also allows you to rotate. Rotate indicates move roundly.

Size, weight & color

It comes with 6 different and mixing colors. Its manufactures emphasized on gray and black colors. You a shoe get dirt for regular use. If it is while it looks ugly. Otherwise, black matches almost in every situation.

It is lightweight to run without feeling that something is sticking to your feet. You will get it in multiple sizes. A man with wide feet can select this item for making his next tournament wonderful.

Things players liked

  • Contain 100% synthetic material
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Have solid leather
  • Red and black basketball shoes
  • Super breathable sock liner
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Under footer supporting

Things players disliked

  • Only black combined colors available

4. Air wide jordans 1 Retro High OG best wide basketball shoes


Well, in our fourth collection there is an outstanding basketball shoe that must satisfy you. Essentially, it could be a worthy choice for those have a little bigger budget. It arrives with followings-


You cannot desire a well playing except better traction. All kinds of shoes in market places cannot offer such strong traction. So what product can be perfect for you? Honestly, Air Jordan built with tougher gripping. You would fall in love if it's gripping

As soon as you try to stop, it replies immediately to keep the balance between you and your movement. No matter if your court is smooth. The grips grab any stiff to smooth plane ground robustly. You won't fall or lose traction at all.

Direction changing

Without changing direction it is impossible to play basketball. During want to turn from one side to the opposite side. It has a risk of sudden falling down or muscle tension. But users of these shoes for wide feet get maximum support for turning.

Stopping when needs

You require to stop to catch the ball and throw it to the hoop. This kind of activities possible after stopping yourself at an exact place. Even you stop when you are in the full running moment. Once you failed to break you at the correct time, possibly you would unable to throw the ball exactly to the basketball hoop. Give up that, wearing this shoe supports your swift breaking.

Relax cushioning

Its included cushion has multiple layers. Each layer makes flexibility that saves feet from hurt. It can tolerate heavy pressure of feet. As our body pressurized our feet, our feet also rushed the cushion. As a result, cushions behave like a spring. You will feel a relaxing movement.

Toe and heel moving

As a shoe grab both heel and toe inside it. You might feel pain after taking off the shoe. Do you know why it happens? Actually, your heel, toe unable to move inside. It remains for many hours in the same position. As a result, you feel pain. Don’t worry, this shoe won’t make such a painful incident. Its insole is enough fluffy so that you can move finger/heel.

Slight traction

You are not sure whether the basketball court will be rough or plane. Whatever it is but you have to do slight traction. If the ground is clean, no risk of traction. Oppositely, a dusty ground is more dangerous to do that. Fortunately, if you have strong gripping configured shoe your traction will be stopped slowing except jerking you. This model such a product that assures this activity.

Size, weight & colors

It has 19 colors in marketplaces. What great news! Yes, each player could have a diverse color choice. For those, these good basketball shoes manufactured in 19, unlike colors. Its weight is a bit more than another model. But the weight won't disturb you unless you wear without the insole. Sizes come precisely for wide flat feet. You will fall in love with its exceptional designs.

Things players liked

  • Multiple layered cushioning
  • Durable sole
  • Adjustable in wide feet
  • Excellent design
  • 19 different colors
  • Great performance
  • Sudden stopping
  • Long-lasting

Things players disliked

  • Heavy a bit more
  • Seem somewhat expensive

5. Adidas Men's Harden Step back best basketball shoes


In this last collection, we picked another superb shoe for basketball. It is also obtainable at a low budget. Many players suffer from a low budget. They think only the big-budget can offer them most comfortable basketball shoe. Not at all, if you can research well between your budget and demand, possibly there is a chance of achieving the exact one. Let's look at its features-

100% solid fibers

Solid fibers made this item outstanding. There are multiple fibers used to produce these wide width basketball shoes. But rarely all types come non-quality fiber. To keep the unsureness, Adidas harden strep back comes in solid fibers that are long-lasting too. Its upper side and the inner side used fibers. You can use it for a long time even you won't find any debris during its lifetime.

Synthetic sole

It made from synthetic. It works as a guard to grasp the entire shoe body tightly. It will not break or squeeze even at rough expending. The sole has 2 mixed colors. You can choose your favorite sole color. Light and breathable: As long as the shoe stays at your feet, you feel relax. You won’t feel warm inside the shoe anywise. As a result, your feet remain almost dry even no sweating, and create a bad odor. Its insole grab feet correctly that means both shoe and feet hold on each other.

Soft cushioning

Though cushion work inside but you influence by it. Your performance influence by this wide foot basketball shoes. Its remaining cushions give you a comforting feeling. It acts as spring so that when you make pressure on it, it can provide a fluffy feel. That indicates your feet are safe and can wear the shoe for a long period without making feet painful.

Variation of direction

If you need instant direction you can do it. Its sole response immediately when you want to move your full body. For this, no risk of muscle tension. In fact, you will get riskless moving since the gripping clutch the ground strongly. You never fall until this shoe covers your feet.


You would be able to stop yourself except thinking twice. Even you are at full running motion however can do it. Its grip provides a strength clutching that intelligent to bear your quick stopping. You won’t jerk anywise.

Size, weight, and color

It comes in 6, unlike colors. Every color is a combination of multiple colors. There is a nice design that would grab every player's attraction. It also lightweight to move legs deprived of feeling something is sticking on your feet. Therefore, you can run, walk finally play at ease. Attempt to pick this recommended wide youth basketball shoes for yourself or someone else those has wide feet.

Things players liked

  • Durable synthetic sole
  • Ergonomic lacing system
  • Shaft measure 6 to 12 inches from arch
  • Breathable & light feeling
  • Instant stopping
  • Great performance
  • Brilliant design
  • Strong clutching to grounds
  • Solid fiber
  • Excellent cushioning

Things players disliked

  • No cons

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Player's Type for Wide Feet Basketball Shoes

Choosing a pair of basketball shoes is not a task of 1 second. There is some consideration you should not ignore before buying the shoes. Primarily, a pair of best shoes for wide feet men has a great impact on good and bad playing. All shoes are not suitable for basketball. You have to choose the best shoes to ball in if you certainly want to make a notable score.

Moreover, you have to emphasize quality, performance, designs, durability, etc. This thinking allows you getting agility, mobility too. But nowadays getting the right style, size could be painful too. Assuredly, if you know correctly what you exactly require, you can find the actual type. 

Initially, you should know the type of players. Because shoes are different for unlike players. Each model produces for individual players. After choosing the rightest one you can avoid claw toes, painful bunions, Achilles, and other athlete's related illnesses. Let’s know the type of players.

Power player/aggressive payers

A power player should select a wide feet shoe. It should have cushioning technology that provides maximum durability and fittings. He also gets better stability with a less rolling chance during moving. Cushions want to be curb at edge point so that you can bounce or shoot. It ensures protection at each bounce/shoot.

You will find various lightweight basketball shoes for big man at the market but searching a full width configured cushioning is a challenge. You have to research well to achieve the right one. Yet try to choose a heavier shoe, surely it will match to your feet by offering better cushioning/ comfort.

Fast player

A fast player should choose a flexible basketball shoe. It needs to be lightweight for moving you easily.  The lightweight shoe offers good ankle, arch support, and heel. Further, wearing low or mid-cut shoes give better maneuverability and freedom.

All-purpose player

Fundamentally, all purposes players require wide-width shoes mainly made for basketball playing. It comes in a traditional looking that affords heel support, arch, improved ankle, cushioning, out, and midsole technology. Remember, the cushioning must be long-lasting and wide because of the extra width shoe. If you are an all-purpose player, try to purchase this type for enhanced performance.

Things to consider before buying basketball shoe for wide feet

After finalizing what type of player you are, next, you should focus on the shoe you are going to buy. There are a ton of shoes in the marketplaces. Do you think all manufacture supply first-class wide basketball shoes? Truly, there is both good and bad class in marketplaces. You have to pick the correct one among them.

Focus on quality, materials, cushioning, sole, pattern, traction, etc. when all these factors would pass according to your requirement then you can purchase. In this section, we will clarify all factors that you should consider. Let's dive into it.

Getting accurate size

It may seem many people know their sizes. But often they fall into a great problem to think about seizes. Even they don't know which size would be perfect for them. Some people take the wrong sizes. As a result, they suffer from ankles and heels injuries.

Anyway, all shoes come in different models but sometimes users claim that they didn't actual measurement. It happens for several causes like someone's toes are good shapes but the heel is too big or small. Manufactures produce on depending on average feet size. But for deformed feet a few players claim. At this point, you might check customer reviews to realize your actual size. Most of the customers provide their feedback after using it.

Low, mid or low shoe

After confirming sizes, focus on this point. You need to understand your actual top size low, high, or medium. Look at the following about tops –

Low tops: it is usually for those are wishing protector and rely on speed and power. This provides less ankle support. These types are common as well lightweight.

A player could be hurt by it when he tries to use it for fast running or playing. It gives less protection for traction along with a quick stop. We recommend avoiding it if you have tendency of getting fractures in ankles.

Mid-top: Mid-top is a famous size to maximum players. It is lightweight but has a cool ankle supporting. Those players love strength, speed, drive, and shoot, they can choose it undoubtedly. Customers gave reliable feedback after wearing this shoe. In fact, a newbie can start his first practice or play with this best basketball shoe for wide feet.

High tops: High top is more bit high than mid-tops. It contains an extra layer for ensuring additional support. So you may expect extra protection of ankles. Many players love this high top to avoid feet related incidents. But it has extra weight. As it affords added protection, you have to bear its weight. Players in wide feet like it very much since they can use roughly. You may pick if you are a power player.

Budget and brand

Many of us walk within our budget and expectation. Thinking on the budget is a more important factor. Basketball shoe impact on playing directly. We should not compromise with the best model. That's why we need to wait until we made a standard budget.

If you have a tight budget, chances not getting a quality item. You will get poor traction, discomfort, get injuries. Try to buy branded shoes to use conveniently. Though its budget is slightly high but has surety of improved performances. Now come to the beginner pint, a beginner practice at home or out of tournaments. You may choose shoes for a low budget. Once completed practice then switch to next big-budget shoe.

The main important pint is that all the models in the low budget not indicate less performer. If you can research well then you would be able to get a worthy one within the shorter amount. In this post, 5 given best shoes to hoop in came from top-rated categories even from the affordable basketball shoe section.

Shoe materials

Shoe materials play a very important role to ensure durability, flexibility, breathes, air circulation, comfort, etc. Though manufacturers produce different types of shoes with different materials. But a perfect type comes in exceptional features that usually liked by a player.

The flexible materials like woven and knitted require to manufacture wide basketball shoes. This element usually has at the mentioned shoes to get adjustable foot moving.

Secondly, non-flexible material like synthetic leather unfit to work smoothly. As it is non-flexible, you might feel pain during wearing and taking off. It’s better to pick shoes made with flexible materials.

Outer sole

A sole is not only a sole but also a guard of keeping you safe. The outer sole support for stability on grounds. When you run fast, it protects from sudden fall down. It removes the chances of slipping out. Basketball sole must be gripping configure to move safely.

A player maneuvers around his court. He requires to change directions instantly. That's why only a good configured sole provides better stability. Soles should be made of durable materials. Because it faces grounds. Try to choose a thicker sole. Actually more thickness indicates additional stability.


Checking traction capacity is another significant factor. This consideration lets you improve your performance. A player maneuvers around the court, He cannot move correctly for the lack of traction. Thus, you should inspect this feature. Otherwise chances of slipping, knee/ankle twisting, and sliding.

In other words, a user of non-standard traction capable sneakers realizes how important this is. One of my friends once purchased a pair of shoes. But Alse! He lost its grip within a short time. Even he was slipping out in court.

I know nobody likes such behavior at running time. It might call danger even risky for like. From that day, he prioritizes on traction. I also learned a lot from him. There are huge traction patterns. Simply Google or watch videos from YouTube to get actual traction of shoes. However, here we described some necessary points about spreading traction life. We hope these tips help you.

Purchase a stick pad or sprays

A stick map can help you to maintain grip. It comes in handy mode. So you can carry anywhere conveniently to clean your sole dust. If you feel weird, try to keep sprat to do the same task. Keep it at your bag and consume when sticking.

Keep more their one shoes belong to you

Try to keep more than one pair of the shoe as a backup. While going to a serious tournament, you can use the first-class shoe. On another time, using a bit normal shoe for practice let you expand the shoe's lifetime. For myself, I practice this. When I exercise, I use a normal type of s wide basketball sneakers. For tournaments or outdoor playing, I love to wear heavy shoes.

Sandpaper the bottom of the shoe

If you regret having low size shoes, use piece sandpaper about 10 to 60 grit. After that swipe the bottom part of your running shoe a few times. 3 or 4 times wear down enough. More doing hamper the sole.

Clean your shoe regularly

Remember, your shoe acquire dust or mud from your court. You cannot perform correctly if you don't clean after each use. Dust keeps traction too far. Use a rag or stick for cleaning wet dust. Otherwise, clean all kinds of dust using ticks or spray. In total, you should take proper care of it. Else, you should not expect a long-lasting traction facility. Therefore we believe you would obey apply the tips to get better performance.


A pair of basketball ball shoe never get its excellence until it comes in better cushioning. It supports the impact of bounces and comfortable arch support. You may progress mobility by comfortable arch supports. Try to make sure whether your shoe has a well-cushioning scheme. Different basketball shoemakers include unlike technology. 

  • They castoff Jordan flight plate technology to add cushioning sheets under the zoom air padding bale. During pressing the flight padding layer against the zoom air sack, a player gets a faster reaction
  • Adidas manufacture in soft padding with performance-friendly cushioning. It offers more bouncing too. Doesn't matter how powerfully you jump. It bounces just as much you jump. You would feel a bouncy jumping.
  • Nike brand produces Zoom air cushioning via pressurized air and fiber. They know to manufacture widest Nike basketball shoes. It responds very fast as soon as you jump. It back bouncing immediately so that your feet never get hurt by sole.
  • Under Armour brand manufacture using dual-layer cushioning technology. It made from a soft foam layer to have instant bouncing response capacity. The foam gives a fluffy texture. While you jump it save your feet by upper pushing. It grasps feet softly even at rough running.


Shoes for basketball liable to give proper safety of ankle and arches. It supports a player for natural moving, maneuvering, jumping like free feet. Every year a huge number of people suffer from ankles injuries. Do you know why it happens? It happens just for the lacking of a supportive shoe pair.

If you have tendency in this kind of injury, try to choose high top shoes. Low or mid-cut shoes powerless to protect you from injuries rightly. On the other hand, high-top shoes minimize maximum accidental issues during playing. It decreases risks joint, falling tendency, knees twisting, ensure enough adequate ankle and arch support.

Quality and style

Different manufacturers supply several styled shoes in marketplaces. A good style enhances outer looks but does not contribute to giving better performance. Yes, you should not prioritize only style instead of qualities.

While searching for a wide feet basketball shoe, prioritize its support along with style (if you want a styles pair). At present, maximum brands manufacture quality widest basketball shoes by keeping mind-blowing style too.

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How to Clean Basketball  Shoes

Regular cleaning expands basketball shoe life. No hardship to clean, simply look at the following and try to apply these procedures.

  • Remove stones/mud from soles: Your shoe sole gather stone/mud from your performing court. Plus, when you walk on the roads. It obtains stones, mud, dust, etc. If your outdoor basketball shoes gathered stones in sole grooves, use a tiny stick or toothpick to extract the stones or any hard objects.
  • Remove extra dirt:  Surely you use toothbrushes. Now take an unused toothbrush to wipe off all kinds of dirt from soles. You might apply another cleaning brush instead of a toothbrush. Do not force cleaning in material areas since avoiding scratching.
  • Wash with detergent/soap and clean water: Take a pot to make a solution. Mix soap or any detergent with some water in the pot. Mix them well. Next, soak a rag with the mixture and wipe gently. Remember to use eco-friendly detergent/soap. Else, it damages the clothing parts of shoes.
  • Air out insoles: Next, separate the insole from the shoes to knock out the air. Wash with the solution and keep in an airy place.
  • Wash shoes: Now wash with clean water, Id possible then use something warm water. It eradicates dirt accurately. Wash until the foam is washed off.
  • Dry at sunlight or room temperature: After washing, keep shoes in the vertical position to store remaining water at the bottom site. Next, throw away the deposited water. Next, keep it directly in the sun or can keep in the room where air can take place. Keep in mind no put shoes near to any heater objects, overheating deform its size.
  • Wash the laces: You have to detach laces before washing shoes. Later, soak laces into the mixture and crush them by hands. Wash and hang with an object.

You shouldn’t do

  • Don't wash your shoes in the washing machine. A washing machine doesn't know what is sensitive to what is not. It rotates massively with its inside object to clean.
  • That's why it might change the original shape of the shoes. Often, shoes get damaged or even become discolor too. Try only washing manually.
  • Don't keep your shoe near to a heater. A heater generates heat. While shoes are kept near a heater, the shoe catch heat gradually. One time the high heat makes changes the shoe's shape like change rubber, synthetic, or plastic-type parts.
  • Don't apply non-eco-friendly detergents. It discolors or damages the shoes. Bleach and alcohol are strictly forbidden to clean shoes. It might crack soles.
  • Don't apply too much detergent or sops. If you do so, you have to wash shoes until all foams get removed. In total, make sure that there is no foam of detergents or soap. If do not wash, you would feel greasy inside shoes that can greatly hamper performance.

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Additional tips of caring extra wide basketball shoes for long time usage

Clean spot

Your shoe face dust, dirt, mud, or water. Not sure about getting stained. If you notice that your shoes stain, remove it as quickly as possible. You should do it immediately as stains take place permanently when you don't remove it.

Clean white soles

Many white sole users cannot get the same white as new shoes. You can retain the white easily. Just follow-

  • Keep a pot
  • Mix water and soap/detergent
  • Now mix some toothpaste and mix well
  • Take a piece of cloth
  • Soak with the mixture
  • Finally, wipe and dry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy basketball shoes?

Every day people throw this question on the internet. Basically, you can buy both from an online and going shop. As the world is being digital, people love making a purchase online. They get an offer online. Even sellers offer an attractive discount on products. Plus, you could check the review and feedback of customers before buying. So online is the best option for buying basketball shoes.

What are the best basketball shoes?

Adidas and Nike are world-famous brands. Customers can use their product for a remarkable period. Secondly, "under amour" also a reputable brand. They manufacture outstanding shoes in marketplaces.

What are the best basketball shoes for wide feet?

Adidas, Nike, and under armor brands also manufacture basketball shoes for wide size feet. Your performance can be enriched if you can choose the rightest shoes for basket ball.

Why are basketball shoes high tops?

Basketball shoes require to be high tops to save your ankle injuries. Most of the basketball shoes with high arch support featured, supports ankles and helps to change directions. Your shoes should have good traction to avoid plantar fasciitis, fractures, and injuries.

What are the best wide feet of basketball shoes for women?

  • Nike Air Max
  • Nike Pre Love
  • Nike Zoom KD 11
  • Nike Air Presto
  • Nike Blazer
  • What shoes do NBA players wear?

    Generally NBA players like to use-

  • Nike LeBron 17.
  • Adidas D.O.N. Issue
  • Adidas Harden Vol
  • Air Jordan 34.
  • Nike PG 4.
  • Nike Zoom Rize.
  • Puma Clyde Hardwood.
  • Nike KD 12.
  • Which brand is best for basketball shoes?

  • Adidas
  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • Air Jordan
  • Puma
  • New Balance
  • ANTA
  • Why are basketball shoes for flat wider feet so expensive?

    The manufacturer produces basketball shoes with expensive materials. They prioritize maximum security, comfort, and flexibility. They use the best materials to manufacture. Further, they confirm added features that influence the player's performance positively. All these doing made these shoes pricey.

    What are the best socks for basketball shoes?

    The socks come in moisture absorbent features that are appropriate. It should be smart to control fatigue of feet. Nike elite and Adidas elite is such a sock. It offers softness along with absorbing moisture.

    Do basketball shoes help you jump higher?

    Most of the shoes for basketball configured for feet and ankles. It allows more or little jumping according to models. Well branded wide basketball shoe can bear high jumping pressure. As exclusive shoes have brilliant cushioning, sole and gripping, it assists to make high jumping.

    When should I change basketball shoes?

    While you realize your shoes gripping is being lost, it is losing well traction capacity then you might require to change your shoes. Proper maintenance helps you to use it for a noteworthy period.

    Wrapping it up

    Truly, buying shoes for basketball plying depends on knowing its features. You have to emphasize, particularly on traction. Well-built gripping allows you making faultless traction. Unfortunately, if you bought a bad grip type shoe, perhaps you won't be able to a good score.

    Focus on the cushioning. Each manufacture adopts different cushioning technology. Pick your reliable one. However, we hope this post helped you to know the best shoe for basketball. We highlighted an ultimate buying guide and necessary FAQ to enrich your buying knowledge. If you have more quires on wide feet basketball shoes then let us know. We will love to hear from you.

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