10 Best Golf Grip for Drivers Review and Buying Guide


I feel uncomfortable for golfing if I do not have the best golf grip for driver. I know many golf lovers also unable to perform well for the absence of a best golf driver. Essentially, a perfect golf grip helps to make the shots better and smoother. Having a right golf grip for drive confirm pleasant and satisfying shots. It helps to get the trophy of the tournament or helps to make a better score.

However, you should not compromise with a correct golf driver anywise. Because in the maximum time, the success of golf playing depends on a correct golf grip for driver. There is a huge golf driver golf grips in market places. But getting the accurate one is a challenge.

If you have enough knowledge about the perfect drivers, it would be easier to find out a suitable driver for you. In this post, we have focused on top 5 golf grips drivers that must give you a new experience all over again. Let’s know the features and all the facts about these drivers.

Golf Grips for Driver - Comparison Chart


Product Name



MCC Plus4  Multi Compound Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

Winn Dri-Tac LT (Less Taper) Golf Grip

Winn Dri-Tac X correct Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

Best Golf Grip for Driver Review 

1. Soft Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade Multi Compound Golf Grip

MCC Plus4 New Decade Multi Compound Golf Grip Key features

  • Wide length can be a fit for every player.
  • More surface quality ensures better grip holding.
  • The tension of hands is removal by the lighter grip pressure.
  • Strongest gripping confirms better strokes.
  • Remaining steadiness gives perfect strokes every time.
  • No weather restrictions can use at all weather conditions.

Do you like something different driver for golf? If yes then this item can be apt for you. It has multiple colors that let you choose your favorite color. Further, having different sizes made it the best grip for driver and more usable too. Secondly, it has an amazing feature like a brushed cotton cord for relaxed usage.

You know many golfers feel uncomfortable during using some driver, the reasons are some drivers become moisture and become free while taking round. But these concerns are totally negotiable if you sue this driver.

Thus, there is no chance of sudden slipping out from the hand that means more secure even in a rough using period. Though you have a far-reaching coverage, you can use the driver conveniently. Therefore, your confidence is increasing and the victory is on the way. Once you know realized its strengths then your next tournament can a remarkable moment by it.


  • Smooth holding for having soft rubber.
  • Rubber cord confirms better feeling in hands
  • Adjustable in unlike atmosphere
  • Provide instant action from the grip, also provides variability at each shot
  • Perfect for different ages players and come in several sizes
  • Lightweight but stronger to make every stroke perfect. It can keep a balance of lightweight.
  • Built with high-class materials
  • A demanded driver among the golfers


  • Suddenly may see a manufacturing fault

2. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Key Features

  • Suitable in all weather that allows for great usage all the time.
  • Its rubber blends confirm the proper gripping of the driver.
  • Reliable traction helps in good hits.
  • Modest sewing relief the tightness of hands.
  • Sensible length gives comfort using to every performer.
  • It has different sizes for several ages.

From my own experience, I have seen many golfers love this item as it comes from top rated golf grips, especially for a smooth operation. Yes, this item ensures a remarkable operation that allows for better golf. You can choose this one for a more smooth operation. Produces made is with a sense of particular comfort. Possibly you know, for a comfortable golfing, you need a perfect griping by hands.

Once the grip will not up to the mark, be sure you cannot make a good shot at all. So you will not get the satisfaction of golfing. Thus, you have to choose an accurate grip to come with top-notch technology so that it can be a great performer.

Not only this but also should come with a new feature, new design and non-slippery surface that ensues well gripping basically at the tournament period. In total words, you have to be confident during holding the golf club driver grip whether it has any weaknesses.


  • Comfortable golf grip alignment marks for better strokes along with soft touching feature, smooth gripping and confident hitting.
  • Exclusive features and qualities give players more stamina of playing well.
  • You can customize for several users. Grip sets in changing seasons in all conditions.
  • Its velvet touches give an extra energetic feeling during performing.
  • Golfers seem it has reasonable prices and they are loving to sue it.
  • Easy installation on the shafts ensures better gaming.
  • Golfers can hold the grip a long time for having non slipping surface.
  • Provides more securing from slipping out from hands suddenly
  • More design and user-friendly features make a suitable using sense.


  • It has less suitability for a professional game.

3.  Winn Dri-Tac LT (Less Taper) Golf Grip

Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac Key features

  • Make each stroke great as it can grip shock rapidly
  • Weight only 49g that allows carrying anywhere usefully
  • Have strong pressurized capability that makes every stroke successful
  • Its non-slip performance confirms the correctness of the hit while rounds
  • Has polymer materials that certify sturdiness
  • Has a most popular golf grip style
  • Best for use at all weather conditions
  • 600’’ core size apt for everyone
  • For junior weight is 28g, for ladies 35g and standard weight is 48g. Maximum size 50g

You are wrong if you think golfing is a time passing way. Moreover, it takes sufficient time to complete the round. Plus, you should be happy to use the grip. For the comfort lover, no driver could be great than this item. I’m saying this the manufactures applied more features to manufacture it.

Especially the non-slippery feature lets you perform without hesitation. It comes with the anti-slippery sense that warrants more security. You can run the driver for a long time in exposed hands. Yes, if you do not have gloves, no matter because you can use without gloves.

Another important feature is weather resistant. You the drivers have weather restrictions you cannot use the theme around a year. But drivers with all usage capacity relief you from purchasing another one. Plus, you may take this item at affordable prices.

Some are affordable but not good at quality. But this driver can meet you within a tight budget with excellent usability. When you need to carry to a distant area, it can carry easily because of light-weighting. In total, you may discover new expertise with this item.


  • Adjustable in several weather conditions
  • Comes in different sizes for unlike players
  • Adjustable with clubs while rounding
  • Built with Polymer grip material technology that ensures every performance improved
  • More controllable during making shots
  • A worthy choice for new, intermediate and expert performers
  • No weakness detects to any golfers
  • Has longtime usability which makes better score and success
  • Eased feel let you play a long time and decrease the tension of hands
  • More lovable to golfers for having a classic design


  • A few of them can be less sturdy but it is a almost rare case

4. Winn Dri-Tac X correct Golf Grip

Winn Dri-Tac X key features

  • Average firmness warrants for better scores
  • 600” core size allows for making  better strokes
  • 48g weight good for carrying and operate conveniently
  • During strokes, shock absorption feature removes tension from hand
  • Different bold, great smartness
  • Different pressure points support to choose the power of the hits
  • Core size is 60 rounds
  • Standard wrap design with a shaped outline
  • Polymer offers relaxation and non-slip feature allows to perform around a year
  • 48g weight and core-Size.600"

If you like to have a bold style, seems this model is waiting for you. This proper driver grip comes with a changeable design for getting specific usage and performance. Spectators will get engaged by this model because the outlook makes an amazing look among the audience and you.

The shock absorption capability gives you better reducing stress from hands. In fact, golfers can show their best performance confidently. You know almost in every grip has polymer grips but in this item, the polymer grip gives you a notable feeling. Once, if you really want a slip-resistant grip, so you may consider this model for your next golfing. It does not matter you are a new golfer or professional, it can be fittest for all type players.


  • Its soft grips give comfort feelings in hands
  • Not-slip capability makes the best strokes
  • For being water-resistant can use almost around a year
  • Planned step design makes a visual impression
  • Vintage looks make people engaged
  • Fittest for different kinds of golfers
  • Multiple colors let you choose a favorite one


  • A little softer for using frequently

5. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Key features

  • The excellent surface design confirms strong gripping
  • Reliable traction let you make accurate strokes
  • Grip comes in a firm rubber material that ensures proper holding the grip
  • Can adjust with any clubs as demand
  • Sensible weight allows to easy convey
  • Standard size allows for using by all golfers

Can you ensure all golfers are the same? Not at all, I saw some of them like adjustable drivers, for those people this best golf club grips is a perfect choice. Not only that you can use it in hybrid clubs too. It has a nice look and has a great usability. You will find some changes at your playing time by this item. Golfers can easily adjust the grips depending on necessity. No matter if you do not know about shaft orientation because you might get the process as smooth.

On the other hand, the rubber will give you comfort feeling to your hands. You will not be hurt even when you take the round at the field or use it roughly. Its non-slip feature support for keeping the grip confidently by your hands. So no need to worry about how long you can play, just play as you want.

You may make a remarkable score by this Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. Your every stroke can be outstanding along with holding the grip can be robust for having rubber blend. In fact, golfers never gave negative feedback, especially those who used this model.


  • Have a fully professional appearance
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Have standard size fit for all, 60 round core size
  • Ideal dimension fittest for all golfers
  • Suitable for all types of golf players
  • Water-resistant helps to sue around a year
  • Professionals are using widely
  • Double dash ring ensures reliability
  • Remaining plus (+) sign ensures removing surface humidity


  • Truly this standard size slightly small than another grip

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Related Questions May arise in mind – FAQ

Why should I golf?

Actually, there are many reasons to be a golfer or to play golf. In this section, there are a few reasons that may help to fill your query.

  • Golfing is a useful way of taking some exercise.
  • This is such a sport you can play after retirement from the job.
  • A great way of bonding with family and friends.
  • It is an excessive way to relax and getting relief from daily chores.
  • It is a great business tool helps to connect the co-workers.
  • It keeps you staying near to nature, keep you away from daily crowed.
  • You can enjoy golf at every age stage of life.
  • Golf supports to make people entertained.

What are the different types of golf grips?

Generally, the grips types -

  1. Rubber Golf Grips
  2. Corded Golf Grips
  3. Wrap Golf Grips
  4. Lightweight Golf Grips
  5. Putter Grips

What is different between the driver grip and iron grip?

Very good question. The difference mostly about performance. A correct driver grip helps to show better performance and gives better comfort. From the performing angel, the iron grip is for professionals. It makes it better and even makes the right shots for every time.

So, for getting a professional performance the iron grip is better than a driver grip. Plus, once you completed the beginner stage of golf performing, you can switch to an iron grip to make each game qualified.

How to grip a driver not to slice?

It is not a negotiable thing as it chooses your swing way. Initially, you should measure the grip, holding it correctly. After that, you can draw a dot on the thumb to the inside of the index finger. Next, you have to grasp the grip and bring into line the dots. To get better performance, sometimes cleaning the grip could be important.

How many grips have in a pack?

There is no exact quantity, is usually depends on your order requirement. If someone wishes to get a complete set of grips of several sizes, they can place orders asking their demand. On the other hand, you may choose some specific grips according to your request and emergence. Just plan the needs and place an order.

What are the standard and midsize golf grip for driver?

Well, the size indicates the diameter of the grip. It also measured by your hands or palm. Generally, the standard size means a size that is fittest for every hand. Secondly, when a player’s hand a small than average size, they can pick the standard size. Oppositely, the mid-size is for those have mid shaped hands. In a word,  mid shaped indicated the hands are not so large or not so small.

Can a woman use the grips?

Definitely, there is no restriction using the gold grip for women. Because the grip’s design fittest for both males and females. Just you need to understand your weight and height to choose a correct grip for driver for your next round or tournament. Be confident and start using the best golf grip.

How do I play golf?

Often people ask how to play golf, though it is so simple. However, in a large cleaned field, you have to use a golf grip driver and a ball. You should hold the golf driver grip position. From the ball keeping area, you have to hit the ball as soon as possible to get into the hole on the field.

Though golf is a wonderful game, try to perceive the natural weather around you because you stay out of home especially in a green field. So enjoy the other sites let you be healthy, engaging with friends.

Golf grips for driver Buying Guides

Check the sizes

It is the most important thing you have to remember. As all the sizes do not suit different players. So to avoid buying the wrong size, you have to measure your hands. Secondly, try to check the size in the given statement. Once you got a wider grip then chances you cannot hold the grip correctly and make the expected hits. For more info can Google on internet golf grip size guide.

Check the features

Though maximum grips come with similar features sometimes few models come in exceptional qualities. So you have to check the features fully. At present, the golf grip manufactures company emphasizing the user’s demand. That I why they are producing and adding new features. They know all golfers are not the same, they expect several functions individually.

Therefore, if you have a different choice for your club make sure whether it has or no. Some remarkable features are must like water-resistant, comfort giving material, dimension, weight, anti-slippery elements and etc. Plus, ask the seller whether the grip has an adjustable feature for a different club. In total, inspect the full description to get an accurate one.

Inspect the grip material

Grip material plays an important role in making better strokes and better scores. Yes, you cannot ignore the consideration of grip material at all. From the above, perhaps, you learned some grip comes in polymer element and some with rubber. For enough durability, the rubber grip is reliable than the polymer. But you may choose other material if you have any individual liking. 

Think of your budget

Yes, the budget is a great matter. Assuredly, you try to get the high performing grip. Initially, you have to make a good budget to get a suitable grip. Yet someone think high budget always brings high-quality product. It is the wrong idea often. Choosing the rightest product at an affordable price is a canny way.

So before finalizing a golf grip, look at your pocket and go to the next step of buying. Check the customer’s feedback and reviews what they have said. If you can do complete research, have chances to get the finest item.

Check weight

Yes, the weight of a golf grip contributes to better playing and contributes to the worst playing. I’m saying this because when you wish for smoother sewing, the weight would be adequate or about 40 to 60 grams. But when the grip is very heavy, you will feel uncomfortable to move the grip. Anyway, if you use jumbo grips on driver, you may get more weight while using it. 

Check durability

Concerning durability is a remarkable issue for maximum golfers. It happens because many golfers gave negative feedback while they cannot use the grip for a certain period. They claim their grips go short very time.

But those people buy without knowing well, they often become victims. Besides, some golfers unwilling to spend slightly more money on buying a grip, that is why they buy non-qualified and get broken or anything else. It is better to increase the budget a little bit if you get some special model. Sometimes, you might get the best product at a low price, but all low is not good.

Easy installation

First of all, you need to remember that the grip installation should be easier. Because some grip takes too much time and some take less time. But a good grip takes only a few minutes to set up. So it is better to check the installation process so that you will not fall in any hassle during installing.

If found any grip take more time then knock out that since it will waste your energy and time whether you may get better than this. Therefore, take the grip has an easy installation procedure. 

Check adjustment capacity

You bought a grip, okay! But it is not appropriate for all clubs. Thus, your grip should be fittest for several types of clubs. You have to pick a grip that is adjustable with your favorite grip club. Many golfers do the mistake in this stage. They cannot choose an accurate one, as a result, they form making good rounds. To avoid this intention, you have to pick a grip that belongs to adjusting features for single clubs.

Easy maintenance

Of course, the grip should come with easy maintenance features. Sometimes you will feel your grip need to replace. You may see the hard sign on the grip especially the area you touch more, cracks, shiny spots and other signs. If you see something like that, possibly you have to re-grip.

If you do so then it can increase the grip’s durability. Plus, many grips are dishwasher safe. However, try to choose a best golf grip for driver that has an easy maintenance facility. 


Wow great, you have completed the article. So what are you thinking? Listen, choosing a golf grip for driver is not tough, it’s the process of checking the features very well. Just gather some experience and know the features usually should have. I hope this golf grips reviews must help you to understand which one would be best for you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment box. I will love to hear your sound. To get the right golf grips for driver, just check your favorite model to be ensure once again. Wish you all the best for the desired strokes and scores at every rounds.

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