15 Best Golf Shafts for Driver, Iron and Seniors – Complete Guide


A golf shaft certainly contributes to making your performance superb. Likewise, without a correct shaft, the performance can be worst too. However, there are vast shaft types and models in the golf industry, but looking for the best golf shafts is a challenge, not so tough.

Two golf shafts types available like Graphite shaft and steel shaft. Graphite types come in several materials like Nano fuse shaft and Titanium shaft. Secondly, steel types are Rifle steel shaft and Steeped steel shaft. The entire performance significantly depends on shaft torque, length, alignment, kick point, weight, and flex.

Perhaps you know the kick point greatly impact on distance and directions. Generally, the types of flex ratings are (S) stiff, (XS) extra stiff, (F) firm, (R) regular, (L) ladies, (S) senior, and (A) armature. Slower swing players require greater flex shaft and swift swing players require fewer flex shafts. 

In this post, we will highlight 3 different golf shaft reviews for different golfers like shafts for driver, iron, and senior with an ultimate buying guide. Plus, you would see the most asking FAQ on golf shaft. No more talk, let’s dive into the topic.

Best Golf Shafts Comparison Table






Project X HZRDUS 65/75 Driver Shaft


Fujikura Vista Hybrid Graphite Shaft


Fujikura Ventus Drivers Shaft


Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro 60 Stiff Shaft


Mitsubishi Kuro Hybrid  Shaft 


Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Blac


UST Mamiya Recoil 80 Shaft


Aerotech SteelFiber Iron Shafts


TRUE TEMPER New XP 95 iron axles


Project X LZ Steel Iron Shaft 


Aldila NVS 55 R-Flex shaft 


Not Rated Yet

Design Tour Ad di 6 Axle 


Grafalloy ProLaunch Shaft 


Project X LZ 6.0 - Rigid flex shaft

Carbon Fiber

Graphite design G Tech Senior Shaft


Best Shaft for Driver

Key Features: Comes with golf pride MCC new decade black/black grip, ready to play shaft, select your clubhead adapter, project x hzrdus black 75, little spinning and less launching shaft.

It’s a canny choice for strong and aggressive golfers. It provides a maximum reduction of lower spin and launches through the mid-section to give an enhanced performance. Numerous golfers wish more controlling while driver swing low launch, for those players no alternative can be finest for them. Project X HZRDUS offers great controllability among the players.

You would get enough control and stability during playing. As it comes in golf pride MCC new decade in black grip, it provides a flexible operating along with readymade playing shafts. You might choose a club head adapter that is a premium edition of shafts. In total, a new golfing experience can be gained by this wonderful shaft.

Golfers liked

  • Its thicker mid-section provides a worthy stability
  • Make longer shots from an awfully low spin through the great pick point
  • Response for immediate transition.
  • Offer a significant reply and power at each swing and stroking.

Golfers disliked

  • Low swing speed gets less performance

Key Features: Custom assembled graphite shaft with grip, Taylor made sldr / m1 / m2 / r15 shaft adapter, replaceable shaft design, works for 2016, and 2017 adaptable drivers instant playing, custom specs applicable.

Fujikura brand manufacture the best graphite shafts for drivers that let you perceive a complete playing satisfaction all over again. It’s a custom assembled graphite shaft for operating conveniently. You no require to think about the grip since it configured in a grip.

Players can install as their required adapter and grip. For manufactured in a professional class structure it offers a flexible operating system. While you want to change the existing design you can do it. Yes, it allows replacing the shaft design. Users might choose their patterns on request. This shaft works both in 2016 and 2017 adjustable drivers. No need to adjust anything as you can directly use as soon as getting in hand.

Golfers liked

  • Very lightweight to operate instant moving and stroking in low hardship
  • Accurate distance forecasting
  • More stability in this shaft
  • Firm feeling and greater distance feeling
  • Included weight/spin option
  • Wide range launching

Golfers disliked

  • No bad feedback till now

Key Features: Callaway OptiForce installed shaft adapter, fit a wide range of Callaway Drivers,  epic and Epic Sub-Zero included, big Bertha Alpha, instant playing at out of the box, 's standard driver length, custom specs applicable, structural guaranteed by Dallas Golf

The third one is from the newest premium category from the Fujikura brand. The manufactures make with such components that passed the standard mechanisms test. Farther, they used Fujikura patented ENSO system to emphasize on quality.

Do you know how important of its 3D motion capture? Essentially, 3D motion capture allows for a correct time swing. Even this model let a player doing low spin and mid-launch. Ventus offers a fitted dispersal during tour travels swing speeds.

It removes overs shaft twisting that enriches each stroke better. You must get the greatest performance since it built with high-class materials. No wrong length will be seen because this certified from Dallas golf. As soon as you receive this shaft you can go for playing instantly.

Golfers liked

  • Firm tip structure configured section to avoid board and harsh feelings.
  • Softer shaft for the built-in weaving lighter fiber. Smooth gripping and operating except losing performance excellence.
  • Extra stiff driver shafts
  • This Ventus shaft made with 70-ton carbon fiber to ensure sufficient sturdier among 150% stronger than T1100g components cast-off shaft or even other shafts types.

Golfers disliked

  • Some players claim for missing spin possible to select an advanced bend point shaft. They expected a blend of ultra-law launch and spin.

Key features: Custom factory-made, equipped of instant playing during receiving (just add head and play), a product from reliable seller tour shop Fresno, full manufacturer's shaft warranty, custom constructed playing length 45.5", changing length on request, involved with a tour velvet black grip.

I don’t know whether you heard about Mitsubishi gold shaft or not. This is a brand of high-quality stiff golf shaft. It is a preferred model among most of the players. Mitsubishi TENSEI pro orange especially made for active player those like rough using. It belongs to a well-counterbalanced approach and an extreme tip stiffness which enriches the operating more convenient. High swing speed players achieve a great playing versatility through it.

Its key material is carbon fiber along with a Kevlar butt section. For lower torque and firm, the tip part used MR70 carbon fiber which confirms supreme constancy and minor torque. Mitsubishi TENSEI pro particularly regarded as the best golf shafts with supreme kick point.

The remaining low spin feature approached this model as a fabulous shaft to most golfers. The model comes in custom manufactured along adjustable playing length that you can adjust on requirements. Finally, it included a tour velvet black grip. These components added an extra advantage.

Golfers liked

  • Provides maximum swing speed
  • Unbelievable clubhead stability
  • User-friendly tip-stiff design
  • Counterbalanced pattern
  • Arrives in several flexes and weights
  • Superb feeling of soft built section

Golfers disliked

  • Expensive a little bit more

Key features:  Comes from reliable tour shop Fresno, equipped to instant play out of the box after adding your head, full producer's shaft warranty, custom constructed standard length 45.5 changeable on request, built-in velvet black grip.

We are again with another Mitsubishi golf shafts review. Yes, it is Mitsubishi KURO KAGE is our last choice from the 5 best golf shafts. It provides enough power to make each swing perfect. Manufactured with titanium nickel wire or TiNi family. Truly, TiNi fiber assists the attached shaft tip showing better response with creating extra power.

A player acquires proper controlling, firmness, and handy feelings. While gripping no chance of uncomforted operating. Light eight features let you easily moving with less effort. While receiving this item, simply require to adjust your head before going to play with.

Sellers provide a long time warranty that keeps a golfer a worry less golfing. Though the standard length is 45.5 you can change it as requirements. An included velvet black grip support to easy gripping. Thus try to pick this awesome good driver shaft for showing improved performance.

Golfers liked

  • More controlling capacity for the blend of titanium nickel wire, low resin, and carbon fiber
  • Very soft shaft feelings
  • Different torque offer club fitters
  • Golfers have the option of choosing the length
  • Instant playing after getting
  • Best golf shafts among golfers

Golfers disliked

  • Usually suitable for high swing speed players, though this feedback is very rare

Best golf shafts for irons

Key Features: Shaft style iron, shaft tip diameter 0.370 inches collateral, 75 grams in weight, lightweight, smooth operating, durable, and high-class material.

Mitsubishi Rayon committed to providing a versatile performance. It consists of a smooth bend finishing that offers a greater outlook too. The low resin content has been used to make it extra softer in the mid-section, stiff in the butt along with in the tip.

It increases the capacity of distance controlling so that you can forecast each stroke potentiality. This shaft gives a decent swing also ensures better kick with superior feelings. Its entire design configured to warrant the performance appearances of the hybrid shafts and KURO KAGE Blackwood.

Golfers liked

  • Attractive smooth feel
  • Durable iron materials
  • Long-lasting
  • Accurate swing
  • More distance control
  • Smooth bend finishing

Golfers disliked

  • No feedback gained by users

Key Features:  370 parallel tips, chosen for f2 and f3, zt9470 is labeled f4 models, lightweight iron shafts, zt9 for restored influence strength, greater feeling curbing for improved feel, mishits ion plating for a striking, platinum finish lesser torque for enhanced shot spreading.

UST recoil is another most favorite shaft to the players. This is a well-known shaft that comes from ZT9 technology. ZT9 technology improves performance significantly.

Secondly, the recoil technology offers a greater distance controlling via added efficient energy transfer. This process increases gradually. Furthermore, the recoil technology gives an additional organized route. For being lightweight, this iron shaft influence on performance positively. Higher damping involved feature allows receiving enriched touches. The lower torque contributes to better shot dispersion.

Golfers liked

  • This shaft includes low torque to give enhanced dispersion
  • Not as much of tension on elbows, wrists, and joints of hands since the compound structure
  • Configured in extra in house phases to warrant for added tighten

Golfers disliked

  • As it made with an in-house mechanism, it is expensive too.

Key Features: Aerotech steel fiber FC or flight control, 90 parallel tips 375", progressive tip stiffness, a higher trajectory in mid and long irons, improved feel via enlarged shaft load, over 59 miles of steel fiber shields, bend outline established on tour-winning steel fiber

Aerotech steel fiber specifically made for the progressive tip. The tip impact on performance importantly. This flight control graphite shaft cast-off with the advanced technology of steel fiber. Moreover, those players demand higher trajectories they can choose this variable tips stiffness included shaft.

Its tip consists of a new advanced design that provides an upper ball flight in the mid. Plus, long iron sustains the classic steel fiber launch in the recording iron. FC comprised that diminish injurious chances along with minimizing worsening of wounds and lessening player weakness. You must get correctness on distance realizing. Obtainable both in parallel and tapper tip cast-off to give it a peak position to the golfers. The bend profile of the tour winning steel fiber i95 inspired this item.

Golfers liked

  • 59 files of steel fiber lacing ensure superb performance
  • Advanced combined manufacturing
  • Worthy feels via amplified shaft load
  • Certify particular golfers appearances
  • Easiest moving

Golfers disliked

  • No cons yet

Key Features: True temper XP 95 steel, shaft material, shaft flex stiff, ultra-light, higher tensile power, trajectory cast-off

True temper is very lightweight 95g helps players move expediently. It comprised a higher tensile power to ensure lightweight.  Specially designed in the high trajectory for explosive distance and power. The entire frame manufactured with steel alloy. Steel made things is more durable too.

The manufacturers used extra sturdy and the longest steel to manufacture it. You will get a complete controlling capability for dispersion and ball speed. This true temper best graphite shafts for drivers act in dual step patterns such as shorter steps near to the tip and longer step near to the butt along with upsurge the launch of the shafts.

Golfers liked

  • High-class steel applied
  • Proper control on ball speed and dispersion
  • Dual step patterns
  • Supreme trajectory
  • Lightweight
  • Goes for a long time

Golfers disliked

  • No cons yet

Key Features: progressive weight profiles - 5.0 (110g), 5.5 (115g), 6.0 (120g) and 6.5 (125g), enhances performance, perfect for all swing speeds, set amount 6, 7, and 8 total shafts, reinforced tip and butt sections, softer mid-section to upsurge load and feel, loading zone technology, the higher ball flying, wider player profile

The new LZ steel iron shaft utilized loading zone technology. This technology is more effective for enhancing the z along supporting the border player’s profiles.  Also, boost the precision. Players get support to achieve in the marginally higher ball flying. Provide an awesome responsive through this iron shaft.

The variable wall technology retains the constancy of the tip and butt sections. That means your every swing speed will be unbelievable. You would attain a player responsive operating with the variable swing speed tour-level performance.

Golfers liked

  • Allows more shots
  • Loading zone technology
  • Balanced weight to get correct stability
  • LZ shafts offer a smooth feel
  • Assure improved performance

Golfers disliked

 Not obtainable below 110g

Best Golf Shafts for seniors

Key Features: Taylormade adapter, golf pride tour velvet, grip installed, fits m1, m2, m3, m4, r15 driver for right-handed, involved with a club head, golf pride tour wrap installed

New Alida comes with a higher launch with ensuring high performance. You get an amazing feel during operating. Golfers achieve original NV feelings. It includes a added responsive tip section. This section built chiefly for upper ball flight.

Manufacture added a unique micro laminate technology in this senior golf clubs, the technology increase additional performing talent. You will get a boosted power for cast off with aerospace things. Every player gets accurate moods, reliable move, and greater power.

Golfers liked

  • A unique reliable design to operate smoothly
  • The head is large
  • Better gripping capacity
  • Durable

Golfers disliked

  • No cons

Key Features: Correct distance forecasting, used Material stiffness integration technology, European and PGA tour validated, superior performance and feels, Applied advanced Toray nanomaterial technology. 

Perhaps you may want superb stability during operating. You can choose this model for making your next performance awesome. The players get an expected firmness with keeping a better feeling too.

Correct distance forecasting makes your every stroke outstanding. The used materials of it come from MSI or materials stiffness integration technology that warrants for durability. In one word, you would achieve notable usability. 

Golfers liked

  • Better feel
  • Additional stability
  • MSI technology applied
  • Durable
  • Applied advanced Toray nanomaterial technology

Golfers disliked

  • No cons

Key Features: Graphite shaft, grip included, lightweight, Prolaunch Blue 45, works better for swing, great distance forecasting, good value grip

This is custom assembled shafts key materials are graphite. Also comes with a PING G30 adapter. Players can replace it easily. As soon as you get the product, you can go for playing immediately.

Though it built in a standard length you can request for customer specs. You know the graphite built-in objects are lightweight. No worry about operating for overweight. The blue color appearance provides a decent look.

Forecasting a perfect ball distance is another significant feature of it. For improved performance, you are recommended to enlist this model.

Golfers liked

  • Better appearance
  • Especially for senior
  • Graphite built-in
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable

Golfers disliked

  • Comes in only one color

Key Features: Graphite shaft, lightweight shaft, carbon fiber material technology, provide maximum ball speed, better stability, custom assembled shaft, and many more.

Project X used the most advanced carbon fiber material technology. This is a very important feature let you achieve the better-operating facilities. For being a graphite shaft, it is very lightweight to operate. Project X allows getting maximum ball speed.

This is custom assembled shaft with grip involved. You can use it instantly as soon as you get this. Thought it comes manufacturer's standard length but users can request custom specs.

Golfers liked

  • Lightweight graphite materials
  • Custom specs
  • Precise stability
  • Custom assembling
  • Maximum ball speed
  • They used carbon fiber material

Golfers disliked

  • No cons

Key Features: Graphite material, grip included, PING adapter included, replacement shaft, instant playing, and lightweight, supreme ball speed.

G tech seniors mostly prioritize performing for seniors. It comes in a grip and PING adapter. As a replaceable shaft, you could choose it. Possibly you know many players desire the best golf shafts with replacing features, for those people this could be a worthy choice.

Go to play immediately once you unbox it because it let you use it as soon as getting in hands. A perfect standard length has given in it, yet if you want to customize the length, simply tell the manufactures to custom specs. More stability will help you get improved operating.

No hardship during moving it as its key material is graphite. Graphite makes any objects enough lightweight and durable too. You would get maximum ball speed that adds an extra facility of making good scores.

Golfers liked

  • Used lightweight graphite
  • Custom specs on request
  • Durable
  • Better feeling
  • Grip included
  • Maximum ball speed

Golfer disliked

  • No cons

Types of golf shaft

Nowadays, there are usually two demanding golf shaft graphite and steel.  If you need to change the shaft, you have to know the difference between the shaft types. Both the steel and graphite mixed shaft is called the multi-material shaft. Let’s know

Type 1: Graphite Shafts

Graphite shaft gathered its fame for having more additional usability. Maximum golfers love this type to get enhanced performance. Its lengthy shape allows showing improved playing. It provides extra swing speed for beginner players.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner player. The professional player may choose a graphite type to get expected performance. Not only that but also the intermediate player can select this item.

Graphite shaft includes a catchy variation of designs. Though the early graphite shaft had not a great looking now manufacturers are emphasizing designs. It is made of epoxy binder and wrapped by the graphite tape around the body.

Its weight is light steel. Weight between 50 to 85 grams. It comes in multiple colors. You could find a mixed color too.

Type 2: Steel golf Shafts

At present, the steel shaft golf driver is the common shaft type. From beginners to professional golfers choose this type. Especially those people expect an accuracy against the distance, they can choose this type for improved performance.

There are two types of a steel shaft in the market places stainless steel and carbon steel. Both sheets of steel make it faultless. This is true that the graphite shaft is more durable, performer, firmer, and stronger. Its price is high than steel types.

Steel shaft also offers accuracy like graphite shafts. You can operate easily along with getting a decent swing speed. Its average weight starts from 120gm. It provides a more controlling advantage during playing. Moreover, it is available in two designs-

Type 3: Multi-Material Shafts

Multi-material took a new place to the golfing industry. It comes in multiple materials. It is a shaft made of steel and graphite. This type includes a lightweight graphite tip. Players can control the ball's flight by the solid firmness steel shaft.

The tip allows potential distance forecasting of the swing, No chance of creating disturbing vibration. As this type is a new edition of the golf shaft, possibly you won’t find variant designs right now. 

Graphite VS steel shaft

  • Steel shaft transfers extra shaking up to the player’s hands but Graphite shafts transmit less vibration.
  • The griping is not firm for the steel but graphite provides comfort feelings of gripping.
  • The steel type is heavy than graphite. That’s why graphite shafts are being popular.
  • Steel shafts are expensive than graphite golf shafts.
  • Steel shafts belong less flexibility and whip than graphite.

Short golf shaft vs. long shaft 

  • Longer shaft logically better than short. It ensures extra swing speed that means you get more ball speed with more distance.
  • The longer shaft has less accuracy than shorter shafts.
  • Controlling longer shafts is painful, a short type let you control easily.
  • Shorter shaft ensures potential shots. Oppositely, the long type has less ability to make an accurate shot all time.
  • Shorter shafts have higher accuracy.

Golf Shaft Buying Guide


To get the best golf shaft is a challenge when you play regularly. A shaft largely contributes to making poorer or great scores.  That’s why you should get a perfect model that usually can assist you. If you ask what are the best golf shafts, we will suggest the mentioned item in this article. Because we picked them after lengthy research.

There are numerous considering things you should focus on before buying the shaft. In this section, we will describe 10 important things you should check before making the final purchase. No more talk, let’s dive into it.

Clubhead size 

This is the most important consideration you can’t ignore anywise. Generally, clubhead size is defined by the volume and cm (centimeter). Golf governing bodies 460cc permit the maximum size. At present, maximum updated drivers sit between 440cc and 460cc. Choose the size to get a match to your expectation. 440cc is cool for those who want to figure out the ball on the air and 460cc is worthy for those to desire more mercy.


The days had gone when golfers used wood and heavy steel and metal shaft. Yes, the materials lost their appeal to the users. Currently, you will find shaft made of carbon composite heads, titanium, Graphite, and combined materials.

Graphite is a lightweight element that makes the shaft lightweight too. Users can move the graphite shaft with ease. On the other hand, Titanium got vast fame as being used for the driver's head. This element makes the head enough stronger, and durable.

At this time, numerous manufactures producing a shaft with titanium and composite materials. This combination gives a shaft extra usability without increasing its weight. As a result, players can move and swing it faster.

MOI or Moment of inertia

Every golfer is familiar with MIO. It indicates the club’s forgiveness. It prevents irrelevant twisting. The drive comes in high MIO that prevents unexpected twisting during striking the balls. Similarly, less amount refers more twisting at striking time.

Center of gravity

The Center of gravity or CG in golf is another significant thing you should consider. It indicates the single balance point of a driver. Though unlike drivers brands say a different place to CG. In the clubhead, the users can move CG forward, backward, horizontally, vertically.

Shaft length

Shaft length should be considered according to your height and arm length. Both the long shaft and short shaft are most demanded to the users. It’s better to choose the length after knowing your height. You should choose the size you prefer.

Shaft Torque

At the swing time, the torque tells you about the twist. You need to find out what model is good for you. Note that the higher torque provides maximum softness and trajectory with vice versa.


The built-in material of a shaft defines its cost. High-quality material increases the cost, secondly normal or nonstandard quality has less price. The steel shaft is costly than wood type, likewise, graphite shaft is more than the steel.

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What is flex?

Flex means a shaft bending action connected to the golfer’s swing speed. By depending on the clubhead speed (generated by golfers) shat flex is compulsory to make good ball contact.

What golf flex should I use?

Choosing the best golf shaft flex impact on your performance directly. You may consult a professional golfer who can inspect your swing tendency and suggest your accurate flex. You can get suggestions on what golf shaft flex will be appropriate for you.

Secondly, when you want to choose by yourself, try different flexes to get the accurate one. Try several types like regular, stiff, and extra stiff. During hitting balls with these types, it will let you know the correct ball flight, speed, and better operating. Details---

  • A softer flex is beneficial for a smooth swing. No matter if you swing fast.
  • Stiff shaft suitable for those has a jerky swing.
  • Right going drive works goodly by soft flexes and stiff flex apt for left going drive.

Can golf shafts lose their stiffness?

This is actually that a shaft loses its stiffness after a long time usage. It depends on how long you have been using it. Shafts from popular brands go for the long rime. Graphite and steel shaft ensures additional stiffness.

What is torque?

When a golf shaft gets force, the golf shaft twists to a degree, it’s called torque.

Is the stiff flex god for beginners?

Most of the beginners have slower swing speed. Because they make them expert in the regular flex shaft. The new learners have swing speed between 95 to 110 mph, stiff shaft is a worthy choice for them to start golfing.

What is the kick point on a golf shaft?

Golfers call the kick point as flex point too. It means the shaft affect and bends the shot’s flight. In detail, a shaft has a low shot trajectory in a high kick point. You get a high shot trajectory in a low kick point.

How much does a golf shaft cost?

It’s up to you as you may have an unlike choice. Basically, a new shaft starts from $15 to $450. Iron shafts start from $15 to $80, this type is cheaper than driver shaft. Driver shafts are available from $80 to $450.

Should I buy stiff or regular shaft?

A regular shaft has less firmness and bend than a stiff shaft. Often regular types are heavy. If you can make more speed, the stiffer shaft could be the canny choice.

What driver shaft is right for me?

Consider these things- flex, kick point, length, weight, torque and also read the mentioned shaft types above. It will be helpful to know which one is right for you.

What happens if the golf shaft is too stiff?

Many golfers suffer from stiffing problem. You can’t load them conveniently during the downswing. Moreover, too much stiffness keeps the face slightly open, unable to unload correctly while the clubhead gets to the ball.

What happens if the golf shaft is too flexible?

Players with a too flexible problem get too high ball fighting, too much ball spinning, and unpredictable spreading.

What is the longest hitting driver on the market?

XR 16 is the best driver shafts in the market. In fact, the longest drive world record has taken by this driver. Joe Miller made 423 yards record through this it.

Will I lose distance with a stiff shaft?

If you notice your average distance is short although have a good swing, possibly you have shaft flex issue. Too stiff of a shaft flex keep the average distance low. When struggling with a slice, perhaps you have stiff club shaft.

How to clean golf club shafts

  • Use a watered moist rag to remove dust from the shaft. After that use wipes the entire body with a clean cloth.
  • For steel shaft, you will need vinegar and a rag. Take some vinegar into a cup. Soak the rag with the vinegar and wipe the shaft. For heavy dust, do it twice or three times.

Is a lighter golf shaft better?

Lighter club unable to make the faster swing. Very few like 12% golfers able to make a faster swing with the lighter shaft.

How can I tell my swing speed?

Knowing your swing speed is a simple process. Simply divide your average drive distance by 2.3. This calculation will tell your average clubhead speed per hour. Imagine, your average drive distance is 236 yards. Now divide the number by 2.3. The answer will be 102.6 mph.


Buying the correct length of the golf shaft ensures better operating and gain notable scores. Remember, it is not an ordinary object, your success of golfing largely depend on it. A golf driver shaft unable to make your golfing amazing until you buy the best golf shafts for you. At present, the manufactures prioritizing on producing a shaft with several sizes and features. Inspect its features well before buying. Follow the mentioned buying guide to get the perfect one.

Moreover, you will find both longer and shorter sizes according to necessity. The steel shaft gives you slightly fewer advantages than the graphite. But both of them are common to the users. If you have a good budget then you can choose graphite. We suggest graphite shaft because this is lightweight and have noteworthy durability. Hope this golf shaft reviews will help you to pick the best one. If need more suggestion, simply comment on the comment box.

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