Best Skateboard Wheels For Beginners and Rough Roads


You never get superb performance when prioritizing only skateboard looks, size, color, and deck. Remember, the performance of a skateboard largely depend on the wheels. Even if you want to skate on stony or rough roads then you must think about the best skateboard wheels for beginners as a newbies.

Honestly, choosing the correct set of skateboard wheels for newbies might seem difficult as they have very little or zero knowledge of it. That does not mean they won’t buy the right wheels and will be deprived of getting an outstanding performance in skating.

We think you came here when you decided to buy the best skateboard wheels for beginners. To make your searching easy, we picked 05 skateboard wheels for the street depending on the newbie’s demand. You may consider our picked models both for new users and for the rough roads.

Skateboard Wheels Guide For Beginners

Most beginners throw the question what skateboard wheels are best for the street? To buy the wheels, mainly for beginners, there are some considerations you should focus on. You probably know there are different types of wheels in marketplaces according to the skateboard size, type, and roads.

From this perspective, choosing the right one is tricky for your skating stage. But we never want you to fall into great tension when want to purchase skateboard wheels and don’t regret buying the wrong types. Here we have given the buying guide that will help you get the excellent wheels for your skateboards.

Road Types

I saw most of the skaters do not pay attention to their skating roads. This mistake is an obstacle to learning skateboarding. However, it is crucial to think first about your skating terrain. Some roads are plane, heavy stony, some are less. You need to decide first about the road condition then go for the wheels. We suggest the beginners skating on the plane roads using common wheels type.

The heavy stony terrain needs very strong wheels that are unbreakable. For a simple stone way, wheels made from regular material are enough. This is true that if you want to buy wheels made from heavy material, you have to invest a bit more. The wheels you noticed above are perfect for all types of roads and skaters.

Size (Diameter)

What size skateboard wheels is a common question for skaters. Well, now think about the deck size to choose the accurate-sized wheels. We know many skaters pay less care o this point. They only consider the large deck, as a result, they need only the large-sized wheels (their opinion). This thinking is not precise for all time because the size of the wheel should be selected according to the required measurement when you are determined to get an unforgettable skating.

Generally, skateboard wheel sizes between 50mm to 60mm give enough speed but it increases the falling risk and boring to do tricks. So better if you choose skateboard wheels more than 60mm in size. This dimension allows you rid of smooth, uneven, rocky, cracked ways. When riding on the skateboard, the wheels won’t move unexpectedly.

We recommend the newbies choose large type wheels as they have more chance to fall. In addition, the new users can’t keep their balance on roads with plenty of rocks. Of course, the expert can pick small-sized wheels (not less than 50mm).


Hardness is another factor you must consider. Riders can skate on rough roads using the soft wheels. Secondly, softer wheels let riders roll over cracks and bump surfaces. The 78A wheels give the smoothest ride but can’t give better tricks. To ride on rocky ways, we suggest you choose 92A when expecting tricking and cruise. Besides, to achieve a smooth ride, pick soft wheels with a durometer lower than 96A.

Contact Patch

Wider wheels have more contact with the ground whereas the narrow wheels have less contact with the street. If a skateboard has wider wheels, it is suitable for the rough ways. Wide skateboard wheels give high speed with improved gripping. Oppositely, rounded wheels are appropriate for street roads since skaters can slide easily.


Price comes when you have a tight budget to buy skateboard wheels. It’s simple that purchasing high-end wheels, you want to invest more money. Similarly, needs less amount to buy normal wheels set. If you are not a regular skater and skate rarely, then buy regular-type wheels which might get at a reasonable price. If skates regularly, consider buying with a smart budget to get uncompromised performance for a long time. Here is another article on the guide to buy skateboard to help you buying a suitable one.


Different kinds of skateboard wheels come with bearings and some are not. We always suggest that newcomers pick wheels with built-in bearing. This is because installing the bearing is a tricky and hardship too. A newbie falls into a great problem if they have zero knowledge of assembling the bearings. It’s better to buy bearing built-in wheels to get ready to go facility.

The Types of Skateboard Wheels 

In this section, we have classified the wheel type according to their sizes. No matter what types of skateboard you have electric skateboard or ordinary. If you understand the sizes, hopefully, you will be cleaver to choose which models are apt for you. A large diameter indicates skaters can ride faster. Small wheels are perfect for the street and they accelerate fast. Now, what is called each diameter? We tried to clarify this point here. Hope this information will assist you to pick wheels for different purposes of skating.

Small wheels

Its diameter starts from 48mm to 52 mm. These wheels are suitable for skating on Regular streets. It allows you for tricking and grinding with getting the wheels stuck. Plus, skateboards with these small wheels apt in mini ramps or smaller bowel and skate parks. Smaller-type wheels have more acceleration but can’t go fast as large wheels can. They have less speed maintenance capability. It is a bit tougher to control during sliding.

Medium-sized wheels

Its diameter starts between 53mm and 59mm. It is also called the average diameter for skateboard wheels. For newbies, they should not choose this size. Firstly, a new user can use between 53mm to 54. As soon as they learn their primary stage then they can go for the 53mm to 59mm, otherwise, it is well for skating on the street, ramps, vert, and bowls.

Large wheels

Sizes between 60mm and up. Street skaters should not buy this size. These wheels are specifically planned for longboards, old school boards, and those who like to go dowel hill. It gives very well gripping.

Best Skateboard Wheels For Beginners

  • Maximum speed 
  • Grip For downhill
  •  Skateboard racing
  • Pumping, and long-distance pushing
  • Off-road & nice
    Street traction  
  • Move over grass
  • High-rebound urethane

1. Orangatang Kegel Downhill Cruising Wheels

The first choice of skaters with downhill longboards should be this Orangatang wheels model. This wheel gives you maximum speed and grip during downhill skating. It also gives hard carving, pumping, and long-distance pushing. Can you imagine what you are getting from it?

You perhaps know downhill skateboard racing is a bit risky. That is why you must need wheels including the mentioned features. If you choose it as a beginner, you can minimize the falling risk during skating.

The 80mm diameter allows riding on roughest roads though get 3 sizes. No matter if you skate on a plane, sticks, cracked, or rock roads. The wheel can tolerate the roughness of the roads you ride on. So this model can be a canny choice for the different types of roads. 80mm diameter produces high roll speeds whereas a moderate width of 56mm gives a versatile balance of traction. So we can say 80mm is more than enough to achieve perfect traction.

You must get extreme traction that adds extra convenience. It also provides additional gripping when sliding smoothly. It reduces weight while providing quick acceleration and crisp slides. It is available in 3 sizes 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple).


  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Designed for maximum speed
  • Gives maximum traction
  • Heavyweight tolerable
  • V2 bearings included


  • Dust is more visible on the wheels

2. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Our second pick is 100mm and comes with super high rebound urethane to get outstanding speed. This diameter is ideal for off-road riding and longboarding. To get better traction over any rough roads it has visible raised parts. So no worry about selecting the road type to ride on as it gives you the facility of skating on different surfaces. Ride on hard-packed objects and short grass without slowing mode.

It doesn’t have a smooth contact patch like the other model. As a result, it gets stuck in the rough spaces robustly. For that, there is no chance of falling even when you skate downhill. This wheel is an excellent choice for off-road. It never stops on stony roads and doesn’t catch grass, stone, or other road obstacles.

It’s a perfect addition to any long border quiver. If your boards are long or a bit longer, these wheels are ideal for the boards. No need to buy another board for this wheel model. Your existing board can be attached to these wheels. Plus, you can use the normal skateboard bearings inside like redbones.

The contact patch is durable enough, it never decays even though you use your skateboard regularly. Yet some users told me the patch decays if used for a long time. Thanks to its multi-color availability. Yes, it has 5 different colors green, blue, yellow, black and red. Users can choose the color according to the board colors.


  • Gives excellent traction
  • Super high rebound urethane
  • Off-road capability
  • 5 different colors
  • Adjustable with most of the boards


  • Contact patch decay for long time usage

3. Fireball USA Made Soft Wheels

These wheels are especially dedicated to longboard and cruisers. Luckily it's made in-country in California which ensures its quality. It is a unique ‘buttery” high rebound polyurethane that offers you a smooth and fast riding experience. For myself, I liked the color where most of the wheels don’t have eye-catchy colors.

We recommend it if you are a beginner and want to cruise over rocks, debris, and crackers. It runs on uneven terrains smoothly with the softer 81a urethane. No stone or rocks can’t stop you from riding on the board. This also gives very good grip, dancing, or freeriding on surfaces.

The four wheels come with slide-prepared (TM) urethane lines with rounded lips break to allow the rides to consist of slides on all kinds of roads that allow you to understand how far you sliding at your freeride spot. It includes a center set fiberglass core that provides predictable slides and strength with a remarkable lifespan. This means users can pass a couple of years if they skate on smooth or rough roads too.


  • Best for longboard and cruisers
  • Safe to skate on the rocks, cracks, and uneven terrains.
  • Strengthful predictable sliding.
  • Beginners friendly skateboard wheels
  • Seamless for cruising, dancing, or freeriding
  • 5 eye- catchy colors.


  • Hard to fit the bearings to unexperienced.

4. Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels

I don’t know whether you heard about the “Orangatang” skateboard wheel brand. This is absolutely a well-reputed brand from the quality. The small shaped and compact design is apt for sliding on smaller longboards. Beginners who particularly start skating with small longboards can choose this model to learn skating on the roads to do easy sliding without the falling concern.

No matter which type of ground you skate, it gives you a quick acceleration. I saw many skaters claim the issue that they don’t get the satisfying acceleration from their newly bought small-sized wheel. In this case, this solid 65mm small model offers you a noteworthy acceleration along with slides and tricks. The outer finishing never allows the wheels to stick on the roads also no chance of stacking rocks. That means, the newbies can use it on the rough roads and plane terrains.

Stoneground contact patch with rounded lips confirms smooth riding. Pick this wheel if you look for predictable rides out of the box and throughout the wheel’s life. Four colors like blue, orange, purple, and yellow can be a good combination with your existing board.

But if you allow me to choose a color I will pick the purple color as the dirt is less visible in this color than in others. Finally, I highly recommend selecting this model for the beginner's stage till you’re confident to use a longboard with big wheels size.


  • Compact design to adjust with small longboard
  • Easy sliding and tricks
  • Ideal for Saket off-roads
  • 4 different colors
  • Can tolerate heavily weighted users
  • Predictable sliding
  • Very quick acceleration


Create a bit of noise while skating

5. FREEDARE Longboard Wheels 

I don’t know whether you search for the best skateboard wheels for beginners on a tight budget. If I’m right, I highly suggest you buy these wheels without thinking twice. Every skater should choose board wheels according to size and usability on rough roads. This item is not different from them since can be used both on the crack and plane roads.

We suggest this model because the beginners have no difficulty when they actually skate. Some they ride on the park, road, pitch, and even off-road. For using all types of paths, we highly recommend this model. In fact, all the listed models here are perfect for different types of terrains.

Polyurethane is the main material that makes the wheels long-lasting even if you roughly use it. There are ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers inside the wheels. The bearings spin very fast without sticking your riding. So the bearings can save your riding time by giving fast acceleration. Smooth wheels are enough durable to skate on park terrains. The outer of each wheel has a nice finishing that won’t be stuck on the road. No chance of piercing rocks, stones, or other debris for having such a good finishing.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Included high steel bearings
  • Fast bearing acceleration
  • Off-road compatibility
  • Pretty smooth
  • Durable and polyurethane made
  • Available in 5 different colors


  • No cons

6. Ricta Unisex Clouds Wheel

Often the skaters complain that their wheels make a very loud sound during riding time. This is unbearable especially since the beginner skaters are not habituated to this harsh sound. For those riders, Ricta wheels for skateboards can be an excellent solution.

Yes, it creates a very low sound that rarely reaches your ears. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend this model if you want more tricks. This is undoubtedly ideal for cruising around.

Great wheels for the small board like the mentioned models above this is also the best choice for rough roads. Users can easily roll over the crack without falling. It actually makes deal with uneven roads without compromise regarding performance to offer you a memorable performance. One thing made me frustrated about these wheels that is their color. I don’t like the white color as the dirt is more visible in this color than in other colors. Of course, your liking might be different. Yet it could be a great choice for the sliding. Lightweight and small sizes get match most of the existing boards. The recommendation is to pick this after checking the size.


  • Best for sliding
  • Noise free riding
  • Excellent hybrid wheel
  • Ideal for rough roads


  • Not for more tricks
  • Only on color

7.  Orangatang Cruising Skateboard Wheels

Our other picked models come with 54m bearings that could be budget-friendly skateboard wheels. Polytharane material made it enough stronger to give you a durable service that the other materials made in wheels can’t do. It has no gorgeous looks but ensures 100% strong quality. The black color wheels get to match all kinds of skateboards.

Secondly the PU material is an extra plus point to make it more durable and stable. No harsh sound creates during skating even when riding on the pebbled ways. For those who like fast sliding, I suggest they pick these wheels to achieve a new sliding experience once again.

Another remarkable feature that will blow your mind is its rolling capability. Suitable for all ground, raps, squares, sidewalks, and U-shaped pools. The beginners can fill their thirst by choosing this excellent model as most of them prefer such versatile wheels. One more thing I can’t avoid is its unique instantaneous cold infusion process. Applying this process makes the wheels extra solid and wear-resistant to do more tricks on the street.

One thing that made me sad is that is one color. Manufacture could make it at least in 3 colors. Yet I loved it very much by getting the essential accessories including T tool, hardware, spacers, and bearings. I forgot the sadness about the color because I don’t need to buy additional accessories. From the performance angle, these wheels could be the ideal choice for beginners and professional skaters.


  • Included bearings
  • Suitable for all streets
  • Unique making process
  • Perfect for tricks
  • Accessories Included
  • 100% beginners friendly
  • Quite riding


  • Just a single color
  • Not lightweight

8. Cloud Ride Cruiser Longboard Wheel Set

Would you like to choose a different looked skateboard wheels than the typical looking? If the answer is yes so I think you may select these transparent color wheels. Using the same type is sometimes boring to the skaters, in this case, many skaters look for an unlike type and this model could be a great choice. However, specially designed for cruising and curving to allow riders for any type of riding. 6 different colors gives can be matched with the existing board color.

The square-lipped design allows users well grip, yet skaters can be paused out for a smooth slide. It leaves fat thane but enough stronger to slide over roads. Rolling over the rack can be easier if you pick the wheels. Users can slide on uneven roads where the other wheels cannot do at this cheap rate. Skaters can use it both for smooth and rough roads.

You can control the sliding. It allows to stop and slide instantly and slow down rapidly, wear quickly. It is best for carving, cruising downhill, and freeride. It’s available in 5 different colors. But one thing that made me upset that is its transparent color. Because I saw other transparent wheels models come with a great look, but for this product, I didn’t get so. Still, you can sacrifice attractiveness if want decent performer wheels.


  • Ideal for smooth and cracked roads
  • High rebound urethane
  • Perfect for downhill, freeride
  • Accessories Included
  • 100% beginners friendly
  • Quite riding


  • No cons


Tips to keep the skateboard wheels safe

Despite cleaning wheels regularly, there should be careful usage. Rough roads commonly contain rocks, bricks, stones, etc. However, we find skateboard wheels specially designed for rough roads, yet extra care during riding on uneven terrains makes the wheels durable. Here we described some essential tips that increase the wheel’s lifespan with giving outstanding riding. Try to avoid bricks, and rock as you can. Riding continuously on such terrains can damage wheels.

When skating for a long time specifically on the hard pitch, your wheels get heat fast. Take a rest between starting the next time.

Avoid mud roads if possible. Mud terrains have grimy conditions, specifically in the rainy season. While riding on these roads, wheels get sticky and you can’t ride correctly.

Don’t skate on the sandy ways. If see there is sand terrain, jump off your board to avoid the terrain. Hope you will get rid of the trouble.

Ride on the plane roads. This is helpful to the wheels, body, and skateboard truck safe.

When Should You Clean Your Wheels?

Several signs tell your skateboard wheels need to clean immediately. No exact type when you require cleaning it, but the signs tell it’s time to wipe out the wheels. First, you will lose the performance you got before. You feel grimy while riding. It means no smoothness you find like before.

Moreover, you can’t track properly. Sometimes wheels may stuck on the road during skating. Even you might see there is hair and thread twisted around the wheels. It hampers the riding. If ride on the mud terrains, there is a chance of getting the wheels grimy which decreases the speed. These are the common signs you may notice. Better if you clean the wheels promptly if want a seamless performance.

How to Clean Skateboard Wheels?

When it is time to clean the skateboard wheels to get a seamless performance from your best skateboard wheels, cleaning is a must.

Step 1: Get a cleaned space

It’s necessary to give full concentration to your job. Although cleaning skateboard wheels make the place untidy. However,

Step 2: Take off wheels

This time take off all wheels from the body carefully. To this, you should keep skate tools and socket wrenches near your hands. Now separate bearings from wheels to clean each item individually. We recommend cleaning bearings at the time of cleaning wheels to get superb performance.

Step 3: Clean bearings

Keep the bearings in a cup of isopropyl alcohol. It helps to lose the grimy condition inside bearings. When assembling bearings into wheels, give some grease to make the theme dynamic.

Step 3: Use soapy water to soak the wheels

There is no specific soap or soapy liquid to soak wheels. You can use any detergent or washing soap. Mix the soap into a small bowl and soak the wheels for at least 1 hour. This practice loses the dirt

Step 4: Use a brush or scrub to clean

You may use an old toothbrush or scrub to clean. Take each wheel one by one in your hands and rub using a brush or scrub. Continue it until get rid of dirt without permanent signs on the wheels.

Step 5: Wash and dry

Now wash wheels in clean water and dry. This process might take 2 hours approximately, but do it with patience.

Final Thought

Picking the best skateboard wheels for beginners for the skateboard is challenging if you have little or zero knowledge of it. We tried to make it easy so you can find the right skateboard for beginners.

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