How Much Does It Cost For a Good Skateboard?


A skateboard has different prices according to the types, features, and quality. People get stuck and can't make a fixed budget while they desire to buy a best skateboard as they have no clear idea of the skateboard costs. As a result, they search on Google how much does it cost for a good skateboard.

Honestly, its cost without a calculation can't give an accurate price idea. You won't get a complete price idea until you know some vital information with accurate calculation. In this article, we will discuss the essential things like types and parts. Then calculate that help you to know the exact cost of a skateboard.

Skateboard Cost According To Types

Are you thinking, why are we telling about the types? Really, until you know the types, you can't choose your preferred type. You require to know types before finalizing a correct one. After confirming a type, you can find the cost.


Manufacturers produce longboards in different shapes. Do you know the longboard has a particular size? It should be over 33 inches long though you will find slightly less length in marketplaces.


Beginners can choose this type for starting their decent skating. It offers better speed with the long-lasting facility. There are several kinds of longboards like-

  • Downhill board: best for long-distance, fast move, dancing, and freestyle.
  • Cruiser board: It is suitable for portability, maneuvering, moving around, a plane riding, giving a smoother ride, and transporting.
  • Mini cruiser board: It is perfect for carrying everywhere, beginners, smooth-riding, cruising around, doing accurate carves, and turns.

Mini boards

Mini boards are small-sized than the longboard. Many people seem the mini boards are shortboards, although they are different types. You can choose it for your kids or toddler.


They will feel very comfortable to ride on it. It provides extra safety for kids like sudden falling down, slipping out, breaking, etc.

Vert skateboard

This type mainly made for skating the inline surface and vertical walls. Perhaps, you saw many numerous skaters skate on the walls or uneven surface.


Though it is thrilling this board famous for doing the risky skating. Know the basics skating boarding properly before choosing the Vert type board.

Slalom skateboards

Slalom type specifies you have to go through different plastic types situated in different paths. You will be penalized while touching the cones even you will lose your time too. That's why you require to finish skating as early as possible.


To use this board, you have to increase and decrease speed time correctly. It requires to maintain the riding speed. Nowadays, manufacturers produce turning, and speed control featured slalom boards.

Freestyle skateboard

This board for skating has a traditional look. For beginners, this is the best choice. Skaters can apply footwork and trick by it. You can control it easily while riding. It has less chance of falling down, no need to pay a high amount to purchase it.

Street skateboard

This board is available on most of the roads. Possibly you have seen it at the movies. Skaters can practice in stairs, city streets, handrails, park benches, retaining walls, industrial areas, plazas, shopping malls, and different public places. You have to be tricky to use this board in the required places.

Park skateboards 

By the name, perhaps you understand this board specifically made for park areas. Skaters can use it on rails, parks, roads, and stairs. Basically, teenagers and kids like to skate at parks. For their happiness, this model could be the finest selection.

Pool skateboards

Do you like taking challenges? If your answer is "Yes', then no model would be best value skateboard than a pool type. Yes, this board mainly designed for skate in the pool. Spread your challenge range by this item; of course, you should have enough courage to practice it.

Off-road skateboard

Not sure whether you will always get a smooth road. There might have a stony, uneven, and dusty road. For taking a challenge against these kinds of roads, and Off-road skateboard can be a canny choice. On the other hand, you may carry it to the rural areas where plane roads are missing.

Old-school skateboard

This model looks like a fishtail. It includes a smaller nose, more prominent tail, and large wheels. Those people love traditional viewing, they may choose this one. As a plus point, you can replace its wheels by softer wheels when you want to make a cruiser type.

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Calculation And Your Verdict

It's your time, what model you would prefer. The cost depends on your choice. These skateboards are available in readymade conditions. You can just purchase and practice. No need to buy each component individually. The price of the manual readymade boards starts from $80 to $200 (A little more or less). The electric skateboard cost is high as like $150 to $1500.

Another option to know the costs

Without buying a readymade type, you can buy each part's individuality and assemble. Most of the professional skaters choose this assembling option. But the learners don't know how to assemble a skateboard, it seems boring to newbies. When purchasing each part separately, the cost is calculated by adding all components price individually. You want to know the components require to build a skateboard.


How much does a skateboard deck cost? On average, decks generally should buy under $50. This price is sufficient to pick a heavy-duty with nice designed deck. An artist can choose a blank deck/board at cheap cost. After that he/she can art on the board. Blank board costs start from about $25 to $30.

Grip tape

Grip tip is a surface part of a skateboard. It helps you stand firmly on the deck during moving. Plus, it sticks your feet firmly during you are at full speed. Its price range starts from $7 to $20.


Wheels allow a board to roll forward and backward. It is a significant part; you can't imagine a skating board except it. It comes in softy and hard form. Its multiple colors and printed designs available in marketplaces. Users choose to depend on rolling satisfaction. Its price starts from $15 to $90.

Wheel bearings

The spinning capacity of wheels usually depends on bearings. That means bearings play a crucial role. Each wheel contains 2 bearings to accelerate the wheel's spinning. If you find the wheels don't spin properly, chances the bearings damaged, need to clean or need applying grease. Its price begins from $7 to $50.


Trucks are a combined part of several elements like baseplate, axle, bushing hold, and kingpin. It allows you to tilt or turn the board. Without it, you can ride on it. Unfortunately, you can't turn it anywise. Simply can rid straightforward, no left and right. Better, you chose trucks depending on your required turning strength. Its price starts from %15 to $40.

These are the original or primary parts of a skateboard. You will get all of them in the combo-pack or can purchase separately. The mentioned price is changeable. In someplace, this price is less or more. You need to compare before making a final purchase.

Calculation and your verdict

Now, you require to choose each part individually and sum up them. As an example, I took-

  1. Deck $40 average
  2. Grip tape for $15
  3. Wheel for $30
  4. Bearings $25
  5. Trucks for $30

So how much is a complete skateboard? The total cost of a good skateboard is $140. "Wow." If I purchase and assemble, then you would get this manual cheap skateboard within $140. After that, I can replace each component separately when needed. We can say $130-$150 is the average skateboard price.

Remember, electric type requires more parts like battery, motor, motor ESC or board, pulleys mount, and more. Add all costs to get the total cost. Readymade manual and electric skateboards are a better choice for first time skateboarding. you would find cheapest electric skateboard in marketplaces that might be good choice to if you purchase for a beginners.

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We hope you will be able to calculate the prices of skateboards by our mentioned info and calculation strategy. Yet skateboard cost is changeable. Do market research or browse e-commerce sites to know current costs. You should have a minimum of $80 up a budget to get the best manual one.

If you desire an electric type, increase the budget from $200 to up. The more budget indicates the better skateboard. For newbies we suggest to pick a cheap skateboard.

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