How to Know When Golf Cart Batteries are Dying?


It’s almost impossible to operate your cart without the golf cart batteries. It allows us to move the cart. But once it is dead, no chance of getting the previous performance anywise. You need to replace it instantly. 

But can You confirm how to know when golf batteries are dying? Perhaps, you answered “No”. Don’t worry, this article is for you to clarify the signs that tell about golf cart batteries dying. For your additional information, these batteries are two types 36 volts and that comes from six 6 volt batteries constituents and 48 volts that come from six 8 volt batteries. However, we will cover the mentioned topics in this article. We hope you would get a complete idea.

  1. Signs of a bad battery
  2. How to check your golf cart battery?
  3. Bad practices that may shorten battery life Related
  4. FAQ

 How do I know if my golf cart batteries is working?

1. Take more time to charge

Depending on the battery capacity, it requires charging time slightly more or less., Generally, it should not want more than 7 hours for charging. Doesn’t matter if you use batteries for a long time. Its charging time should not exceed 7 hours.


Further, when you buy batteries, it takes a very short time to charge. Gradually, it increases its charging time according to the using time. Getting charges a bit slowly is a common matter for a long time used battery. Yet, if it wants too much time, chances your batteries are dying. Accordingly, how could you know? There are several ways to check it. We will discuss the checking ways below.

2. Charges vanish very fast

This is another cause of realizing whether batteries are being damaged. The first and this point is the initial symptom of dying batteries. 36 capable batteries should have at least 30 miles passing capacity.

When you saw your batteries don’t fill the minimum distance requirements, understand it will die very soon. As soon as you notice these signs, don’t delay to inspect to find out what’s wrong. If you saw such behavior, you have to replace them.

3 low voltage power capacity

Basically, the voltage specifies the power generating house of a battery. The more voltage power you choose, the more chance of getting a long time backup. Not sure whether it will work seamlessly all time. If batteries unable to generate enough voltage as required, you won’t get a satisfying result. For example, you get a very little backup for voltage issues. After finding out such a symptom, no ways of repairing. Meant, you want to replace it.

4. Damaged or burnt cables

For using cart batteries for a lengthy time, the mechanical cables can be damaged. Essentially, cables help to pass power to the cart. Sometimes the power pass in less or more amount. For this up-down volume, the cables might be damaged.


As a result, you don’t get potential services at all. Better, to check the interconnected wires regularly. Once found any damage, change the wires instantly.

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5. Low amperage

Amperage is the most significant mechanism of all types of batteries. More appeared indicates extra distance reaching. Failing sufficient amperage specify less distance coverage. However, once you found such short distance coverage than before, get ready to invest money in another new battery. In this situation, you have to replace it because the increasing amp is a rare case.

6. Inactivity during the operating cart

Imagine, you are operating your cart. Suddenly, it stooped, meaning your cart could be charged well. It’s a sign of golf cart batteries dying.


It happens while batteries cannot supply enough power to cart. That’s why it stops suddenly. To recover this issue, you want to replace batteries soon.

how to test golf cart batteries

Testing your golf cart battery provides a genuine idea of whether it is in good condition or damaged. Do the inspection, follow the below methods. These techniques save allows you to identify problems without expending money to an expert.

1. First of all, you require to charge your cart as possible. No matter if you have or manual plug or automatic charger, you can use one of them to charge.

2. Well done, you have charged it. Make sure it is on a full charge mode. Now, you have to test the voltmeter. To do this, set the voltmeter to 220 volt DC. Inspect battery separately to get every single reading. Register at least 7. OV per call is effective to know a good battery reading. The 6-volt battery is perfect for this reading. For 8v golf cart batteries or above capable batteries should not go below 9.3 OV reading.

hydrometer test battery

Wear protective glasses and safety gloves to do a hydrometer test. You no want to charge your battery anywise. But be careful to use the mentioned stuff Removing all battery caps is the first condition, so do it carefully without rushing. Identify the first battery to test the cells. Continue your reading until the last one for every single battery. Remember, register from 1100 to 1300 close to the water for each reading is perfect and for acid level reaches 1300.

Keep records for each battery individually. When find there are minimum 50 points difference with each other, understand your cart battery is going to die. Note, a good battery reading should have 1265,1275 etc.

Bad habits that decrease your Golf cart battery life

Many bad habits hamper a cart battery lifespan. If we become careful about using, we may decrease the chance of damaging it. How ever, some maintenance saves us from buying multiple batteries frequently.

Make it completely charged 

We often disconnect our charger while the charge is not full. This is not fair as your battery must be fully charged. Full charging allows you to use the cart for extra time. Therefore, make sure you charged it 100%.

Inspect water level frequently

You should check the water level of your battery regularly. The water level always should have at the required level. Once it goes under the minimum level, fill again with distilled water. Many people use tap water instead of specified battery water. This practice damages their battery since mineral component into the tap water minimizes the performance golf carts.

Charge it regularly

Many golfers keep the batteries aimlessly for a couple of weeks. This is a very bad habit to lessen its life-cycle. Charge it regularly, never try to keep for a long time without charging. This habit keeps its cells safe from being frozen. Once cells get frozen, no way without replacing it.

Take special care in the winter season

Winter season is a worse time for the golf cart batteries. As you know that carts are rarely used at this season. So you need to store it after charging completely. If you keep batteries without disconnecting the wires, chances of decreasing the charges. Be sure to disconnect, clean, and store safely.


How much does it cost to repair my golf cart battery charger?

It depends on which type of repair you need. Further, the estimated cost depends on the services type and parts. 

How long do golf cart batteries last?

Though cart batteries average durability is 5 to 6 years. Yet proper use and maintenance offer you more than 6 years. Try to replace golf cart batteries after 6 years usage.

What is that harmful element on the top of golf cart batteries?

Corrosion is a destructive element of batteries that grow around the wire connection. You require to clean it through regularly. Otherwise, the chances of disconnection between batteries and carts.

How much does it cost to replace the batteries in a golf cart?

To replace a golf cart battery, you need to pay from $700 to $2000. The costs influence by shipping fees, installation fees, brand price, charger cost, and so on.

Can I use regular car batteries instead of golf cart batteries?

Not at all, in general, regular car batteries mechanism is not for discharging as the cart batteries cycle. Thus, avoid using regular car batteries on your cart.


Well, the above bad battery signs tell your batteries dying news. While doing each test, make sure to do it correctly to get the original result. Proper maintenance and inspection regularly allow you to use batteries for a remarkable time. More time expending indicates less durability. In fact,  if you use more than 5 years, it’s better to replace it with a new one. For problems within short time usage, replacing golf cart batteries is a better thought.

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