Reasons Why Football is Better Than Basketball?


No games achieved enormous popularity like football. So it is clear that only the football is the most demanding game from younger to adult people. Football has some specific advantages that are rare to basketball playing though both the game has significant pleasure.

Football is a widespread game. Almost all the countries love it very much. You would find a developing country rarely play basketball as they are not able to afford basketball kit. But football has less cost and people from all classes like it. That's why football is better than basketball.

Not only from an affordability viewpoint, but this game also has significant health benefits, fewer requirements, an all-time playing facility, and many more. However, we will focus on why is football so popular than basketball.

Why football is better than basketball

We described the factors from unlike viewpoint between football VS basketball so that this analysis helps you realizing why basketball has less impotence, mostly from football. Though both games don’t have a massive difference, this section will help you understand the actual difference.

From hands and feet point

Football is more accessible than playing basketball from the feet and hands usage point. In detail, football players utilize only their feet to control the ball. A basketball player depends on their hands. Here you can realize basketball players need both feet and hands where football requires only feet. No pressure creates on legs and hands during football.

From speed

Basketball is a slower game. A couple of players play this game in a running and traction movement. While playing football, all the payers run a long time until the referee warns, or the goalkeeper catches the ball.

From running point

Of course, you have to run more to play football. You know the running area is more significant, which a player covers to control and pass the ball from one person to another. For being a broad field, players are enough fittest than a basketball player since its area is small.


In football, players are specified, like most of them play to make goals. But only a player stands on the goal box or bar to protect the ball from goals. Similarly, two teams have two goalkeepers. For basketball, all the players are specified to do the same task.

From gender

As football is a widespread game, people from all kinds of gender love this game. Not only this but also many women are joining to play it. Unfortunately, you won’t find such participation in other games. Basketball is popular, especially by men.

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We told above football is more popular than any other game. In this part, we will discuss the reasons that recognized football as the most popular game globally.

World cup game

It is held every four years later with multiple country's participation in the world. Many countries join in this tournament where the other sports don't get value like this.


This tournament complete in several stages. People wait for this for around four years. Football lovers fly flags on their roofs. The whole world gets flooded by football.

Have a bright future

A person gets a chance in the domestic tournament by playing well. Once he got a chance, he starts playing on a different team. The national football board of his/her own country selects him/her as a national player. After that, he could be a famous player and establish life through good performance. He earns fame and money that ensures a better lifestyle.

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No age restriction

There are numerous sports have age restriction like American basketball and football. Indeed football doesn't have such a limitation about the player age. As an example, the NFL requires players before three years out of high school. For the NBA, a player wants to be out of high school a minimum of one year before.


For football, a club decides whether a player is good. The club selects the player after examine his capacity, and there is no restriction of age. It's a matter of good performance.

Telecast worldwide

It telecasts on most of the sporting challenge. So people can watch it from multiple channels. During the world cup, many channels telecast it, which is not sport-related media so that everyone can watch it.

It's a passion

People from all classes and ages love sport, little or more. But if you ask them what's their favorite sport. Most of them answer "Football" Yes, it's a game of complete entertainment.


This sport is connected to our emotions. Worldwide, people pay extra attention to it. Most of the students take it as a passion. They play it to pass the time where the other sports have less value.

It's exciting

Don't think the 90 minutes of football is regular time. We told this because this sport endures for 90 minutes. Audiences watch it live and on TV. They pass the time with a lot of excitement. Sometimes they become happy and sometimes become sad to watch this. This game significantly impacts on our mentality.

Teach us unity


Players of 2 teams try to make the goals. Each team player passes the ball one person to another to take the ball near the goal post. Each player takes and sends the ball within their team players. It indicates playing with unity.

Wrapping Point!

Without the mentioned reasons, you will find more reasons why football is better than basketball. This is actually the world's number one popular sport. Though basketball is a popular game, it couldn't gain the same fame as football.

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