Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains Around Their Neck?


Most baseball players wear baseball chains made of gold, silver, brass, and other materials. Somebody wears 3-5 gold chains together at a time. Did you notice someone who wears such multiple chains? Manny Ramirez wears a thick chain all-time. Wearing chains could be his passion or fashion. Another person is Mookie Betts rarely hit a home run without wearing chains. However, I will try to find out the reasons why do baseball players wear gold chains when they are on the field.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

I researched online to collect this answer. Truly, most of them love wearing 24k gold chains. Also, found a few players wear only gold plated or other kinds of chains. I had a curiosity about why do baseball players wear gold chains and not from other materials like gold. I would like to discuss the reason with you below.

To increase their smartness

You know gold is a world precise metal that makes the man and woman more smart. No ornaments glitter like gold and this feature made gold as the most demanding natural material in the world. That is why it is pricey too. As a player earns more than thousands of dollars playing baseball, they can afford the buying cost of gold chains.


Not only gold but also someone wear silver, brass chains though this case is rare. These types of material cheap. However, I saw many players with gold necklaces on their necks. Why are they wear it? Statements came from several players that they wear it to make them smart to their audiences especially to the female fans.

For that, they disagree to close their all jersey button utterly so people can see the chest. Seeing the chest also shows the chains hanging on the chest. I noticed some athletes kiss their chains while they make a good shot. Despite the baseball player necklace has simple looks but not lightweight. These are thicker than a typical baseball neckless or chain. Extra thickness makes a player smart and people focus on him than the other players who do not wear any chain. So to be a smart man a chain can be the good choice.

For religious purpose

The second reason is religious purpose. You probably noticed specific players wear a cross to the neck. Using a cross is impossible without a chain or necklace. Wearing a cross using a chain indicate religious faith. The cross is a symbol of Christ who sacrificed his life over 2000 years ago for the human being.

Players think hanging a cross at the playing time increases confidence and Jesus Christ blesses them. This trust is nothing to the atheist but from the ancient period, Christian people have a faith to wearing a crosses at all-time.

Without the Christian people, using Crosse’s is a trending fashion especially to the young generation from all religions. However, baseball players may hang crosses into a chain for both fashion and religious devotions.

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Chain's Type of Baseball Players

Most MLB players make chains by custom order to their reliable jeweler shops. All the designs are practically similar but there could have a slight difference between each design. Nowadays, you could find different types of chain's design that can be gained through online easily. Anyway, 3 types of popular chain designs usually like the baseball player.

Gold rope chain

Professional athletes love to wear these designed chains. It looks like a rope hang to the neck along give the neck an extra beauty.


This type is also an old model. When people started wearing chains for the first time, they used this design. Later, they started making different pattern.

Gold plated chain

gold plated chain for baseball players

The player who does not like a heavy chain in his neck, they choose the gold plated baseball rope necklace. Players rarely like this design because most of the MLB performers directly like gold. Only a few players wear gold plated to have less weight.

Baseball cross necklace gold

This design is not like a rope or not a simple appearance. Picking this design varies on player-to-players fondness. Some particular players select diverse types of chains according to their favorite designs.


Next, they add a cross separately. Sometimes, they take ready-made baseball cross chain from reputed brands.

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Is There Any Incident with Chains During Playing Time?

There have taken place some remarkable incidents with the chains of baseball players. In 2018, Yoenis Cespedes lost his broken chain’s diamond in the playground. While the game is over, umpires and some players found the lost diamond and cleaned the mess.

A game took place at Yankee stadium between American League Championship and the New Work Yankees. Astros pitcher wore a black diamond necklace during playing. Suddenly he saw his necklace is broken. He started looking for the lost diamond piece in-ground (Hahahahaha). Not these two incidents, there are countless occurrences are happening with chains day by day.

Final word 

Both for style and religious reliance, we see necklace or chains on most of the player’s neck. Wearing something in the playground is a style at this time. This practice rarely bad for playing better. Surely, everyone in the field tries to do the best. So wearing a chain is not wicked if they can play with it. I hope that people do not mind it. Do you have any comments in this regard? We would love to hear from you.

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